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    Member Since November 2018

    Jackie Kavitā Rose

    New York City, New York 

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    Jackie Kavitā Rose reviewed Egypt Meadow Lake Loop

    5 months ago

    Easy hike, pretty scenes along the lake.

    Jackie Kavitā Rose reviewed Arch Rock Nature Trail

    5 months ago

    Nice walk through the rocks, plenty of opportunities to climb if you bring shoes and crash pad.

    Jackie Kavitā Rose reviewed Barker Dam Nature Trail

    5 months ago

    Lovely little trail with info signs, great intro to JT and different plants and animals in the park.

    Jackie Kavitā Rose reviewed Shuman Point Blue Trail

    6 months ago

    Trail was super muddy.

    Jackie Kavitā Rose reviewed Brooks Pond Trail Loop

    6 months ago

    Great little loop.

    Jackie Kavitā Rose reviewed The Torne

    6 months ago

    Great short but steep hike with some good scrambles. We went up and back on the west side of the loop.

    Jackie Kavitā Rose completed The Torne

    6 months ago

    Jackie Kavitā Rose saved The Torne

    6 months ago

    Jackie Kavitā Rose reviewed Stockbridge Mountain and Lake Nawahunta

    6 months ago

    Hiked from Route 6 up to and around Stockbridge Shelter. The trail is muddy and icy depending on time of day and direction the terrain is facing. We hiked off the trail to find a less icy path at the steepest part leading up to the shelter and were happy to have waterproof shoes much of the rest of the way. Good running water downhill from the shelter. Great shelter except for all the young trees people have hacked down for firewood. Plenty of branches on the ground to use instead!

    Jackie Kavitā Rose reviewed Stairway to Heaven Trail

    9 months ago

    Great hike, little slippery with the leaves but overall no problems. Recommend hiking shoes/boots as some parts were muddy, and gloves were helpful to scramble down without getting my butt wet!

    Jackie Kavitā Rose completed Bruce Lake Trail

    10 months ago