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    Member Since July 2019

    Jackie Eichhorn

    Columbus, Ohio 

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    Jackie Eichhorn reviewed Taft Point and The Fissures

    22 days ago

    The view on this trail were breathtaking and terrifying at the same time. You can see the whole valley and can get right up to the edge. The hike up was very pleasant as well. It was a very easy hike. We did it after a pretty strenuous hike earlier in the day just fine. Crowded, but worth the short hike and amazing view.

    Jackie Eichhorn reviewed Ostrander Lake Trail

    22 days ago

    I give this trail five stars for each of the five bears we saw! Seriously though, this trail is so worth the long hike. We started early in the morning and it took us almost 7 hours to complete. We only ran into around 15 people the whole time. This trail has everything. You get wild flowers, shaded woods, open areas with burnt trees from a fire, big open view of the whole mountain range, and a breathtaking view of the lake at the very end. Watch out for bears though! We saw two sets of Mom bears with babies really close to the trail. Probably only 40 feet from us. Terrifying, but really neat looking back after not getting mauled. Haha

    Jackie Eichhorn completed Ostrander Lake Trail

    22 days ago

    Jackie Eichhorn reviewed Pinecrest Lake Loop

    22 days ago

    This was a nice hike for our “rest day” from Yosemite. It wasn’t difficult at all. It had some nice views, but it was very crowded. Even on the far end of the lake, we ran into so many people.

    Jackie Eichhorn completed Pinecrest Lake Loop

    22 days ago

    Jackie Eichhorn reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    24 days ago

    This trail is only worth it if you go all the way to Nevada falls. Verbal falls and most trail were very busy on the way back down. I would highly recommend going early! So many less people. The views up to Nevada falls were INCREDIBLE. The waterfall at most trail was beautiful too, but we ran into a lot of people on the way down there.

    Jackie Eichhorn reviewed Lower Yosemite Falls Trail

    24 days ago

    It was pretty! Very busy when we went. Nice small trail if you have extra time.

    Jackie Eichhorn reviewed Mirror Lake via Valley Loop Trail

    25 days ago

    This was a great trail! The first mile or so was pretty busy, but after that it cleared up. The view just past the lake was amazing. It opens up and you can see all of the rock formations. It was a beautiful, easy first trail for our trip! I would recommend!