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    Member Since October 2017

    J S

    Gadsden, Alabama 

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    J S reviewed Dukes Creek Trail

    15 days ago

    This is a really nice little hike that carries you to a beautiful waterfall. There is a $4.00 fee. You will need cash, because there is no attendant and you must fill out an envelope and use the drop box. It is confusing, because I wasn't sure if that was a parking fee (per car) or a per person day use fee.
    Soon after you enter the trail, you will get to the overlook deck. KEEP GOING. The end of the trail is a little over a mile and is well worth the small hike.

    J S completed Dukes Creek Trail

    15 days ago

    J S reviewed Terrapin Creek

    2 months ago

    I've floated different sections of this creek with all 3 outfitters. I really, really, really love this creek! It is a really great place to kayak and fish. It is simply a beautiful, laid back, calm float with scenery. It has a few small rapids. Nothing major, at all. Check the USGS water flow website, to make sure the flow is good. If you floating the lower section (with No Worries or Redneck Yacht Club) take some cash. RYC typically sells grilled burgers and hot dogs at the Hippie Hole. NW has a concession stand at their take out.

    J S completed Terrapin Creek

    2 months ago