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    Rami Cooper reviewed Mystic Canyon and Upper Monroe Trail

    about 1 month ago

    This could be a challenging hike depending on which route you choose when you reach the Punked Out Trail sign roughly 1.5 miles into the hike starting at the Big Dalton Rd. Trailhead. At that junction, the trail on the left is a series of switchbacks with pretty gentle slope to the saddle. . The trail on the right goes straight to the top of the saddle—half the distance, but oh man it is tough! Part of it is not hiking but climbing, really! Take this with caution and if you are confident in your stamina and know a bit of climbing techniques. Of course, let’s not forget the first mile of the trail either. Steep, it is (but at least it is a hike and not a climb!!)

    All together, quite a scenic hike, a good workout, and not too crowded. Hope you enjoy it.

    Rami Cooper reviewed Poop Out Trail

    about 1 month ago

    So, the reviews had me a bit worried when I first hiked this trail (12/11/18). It is a reasonable hike and something that hikers with intermediate stamina can complete, albeit somewhat depending on which route one takes (intermediate or hard).. The first mile is quite steep, and then levels off. At about 1.5 miles, at the Punked Out trail sign, there is a junction--the right-side path goes straight to the top, or to where the map marks as the turnaround point of this trail (0.6 mile), and the path on the left goes to the same place (1.6 miles). The shorter path, as you would guess, is a lot steeper. So, take your pick and determine the difficulty of the trail. Once on top, go another 0.2-0.3 miles and look for a not-so-easy-to-notice path on the left for a short climb to the true top. Overall, this is an enjoyable hike, especially if you like to hike in green mountains with the snow-capped ones in the background. As far as parking goes, the two possible start/stop points are about a half mile away--park on the Glendora Mountain Rd. to start where the map suggests, or park about 0.5 mile down the road on Big Dalton Canyon Rd. and start at the Mystic Canyon Trail.

    Rami Cooper completed Poop Out Trail

    about 1 month ago