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    Member Since June 2019

    Ine R

    Leuven, Flemish Brabant, Belgium 

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    Ine R reviewed PRC12 PIC Land of Lajes

    27 days ago

    I did this trail in July 2019 and did not cross any other hikers. There are no directions along the path at all so I’d recommend charging your phone before you start so you can check the map available in this app. I went on a wrong path only once, because I had to cross a fence to go the correct way in stead of just continuing the normal path. I’d recommend you do this trail in clockwise direction starting from Lajes since the first part is quite steep and the road is very uneven. I think this would have been a bit tricky if I had to go down on this path. Very nice views, especially on a not so cloudy day!

    Ine R completed PR15 PIC South Peak Mysteries

    27 days ago

    Ine R completed PRC12 PIC Land of Lajes

    27 days ago

    Ine R saved Faial Costa a Costa

    28 days ago

    Ine R added faial

    28 days ago

    Ine R saved PRC12 PIC Land of Lajes

    2 months ago