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    Member Since August 2019

    Heems Zegikniet

    Lousã, Center Region, Portugal 

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    Heems Zegikniet reviewed Lousa Trail

    12 days ago

    A very nice trail to start on a warm day’s morning. If you walk the loop clockwise, you will be treated with small chapels and religious springs on the end of your route. Also there are free picknick corners around the chapels, two hidden on the back with a amazing view (walk up the stairs to the highest chapel and find them on your left hand side). Be sure to bring your swimming pants, because at the end you your trail is a free accessable and open water swimming pool, which is filled with water from mountain springs. Lastly visit the castle at the end and starting point of the trail. Bring good shoes, because of slippery stones and loose pebbles.

    Heems Zegikniet completed Lousa Trail

    12 days ago