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    Member Since April 2019

    Heather Oliveira Pro-red@3x

    Lemoore, California 

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    Heather Oliveira reviewed PRC9 PIC Prainha do Norte

    22 days ago

    Very pleasant hike up a volcanic flow/seasonal watershed. There is a tunnel that on one end is very small so if you are tall, you are gonna crawl at that point. The wooded area is very pretty and has a grotto like effect. The hike ends along the seaside and through the town of Prainha which is picturesque.

    Heather Oliveira reviewed Pico Mountain Trail

    24 days ago

    Fantastic! Boots and poles are a must if you are older or less fit! Many people climbed in shorts and tennis shoes but I wouldn’t recommend that at all. We went very slowly because are not regular hikers and we are older than the average hiker. I drank all 2 liters of water but never ran out. The view is worth the walk!

    Heather Oliveira reviewed PRC8 PIC Ladeira dos Moinhos

    27 days ago

    What a great first hike for us on the Ilha do Pico! I expected more of a village walk but was pleasantly surprised by the hike up the riverbed. You are hiking below the root-line of the surrounding trees and it is very cool. The views are wonderful and the mills are interesting to see. If you have any knee issues, you might appreciate your trekking poles. We went without but I wish I had taken them along.

    Heather Oliveira completed Cerro San Luis Obispo Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Heather Oliveira reviewed Marble Falls Trail

    about 1 month ago

    This was my first hike in over 15 years. Moderate is an accurate evaluation. Stunning falls at the end and worth the walk. You hear the roar of the water on and off the entire hike., at least at this time of year and on this particular wet year in California. We sprayed our clothing and had no tick issues. Good boots are a recommended item because there are plenty of rocky stretches. Perfect weather today. Got in early before the rain. (I forgot to start my recording at the beginning of the hike, that’s why my miles are not correct. We did go all the way to the end!)