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    Heather F

    Jackson, Wyoming 

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    Heather F reviewed Peninsula de la Magdalena

    10 days ago

    My children, ages 6 & 10 & 10, all boys, and I (Mom), loved this trail in May, 2019. It was paved and magical. We walked through a Rose Garden, stopped to play on the playground, saw cute ducks with a man made duck house village, climbed castle walls, looked out over the ocean, looked back at the town of Santander, looked out over the golf course, and then found a beautiful lighthouse! Gorgeous! My children (age: 6, 10 and 10) and I really enjoyed this road in May 2019. There was a sidewalk all the way. It was magical. We walked in the rose garden, stopped to play with children's toys, climbed castle walls, saw the sea, Ducks with a small town with little houses for ducks (handmade), the town of Santander, golf players, and finally we found a beautiful lighthouse!

    Heather F completed Peninsula de la Magdalena

    10 days ago