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    Member Since July 2019

    Haythim Aouf Pro-red@3x

    Montréal, Quebec, Canada 

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    Haythim Aouf reviewed South Kaibab, Phantom Ranch, and Bright Angel Trail Loop

    16 days ago

    the trail is absolutely amazing but be sure to be prepared for a long hike.
    the first 4-5 hours downhill toward the river are very easy and will reward you with a lot of views and ooh - aah moments. Be sure to have enough water since this first part doesn't have any refill stations.
    It took us another 2 h from the river to Indian Garden and this is still very doable. Some short challenging parts but nothing major.
    But nothing, nothing is as harsh as those last 3 miles. You're tired, thirsty, your feet ache,... and it keeps on going and going, snaking up the mountains.
    very rewarding but be in good shape, have plenty if water and: don't be the hero, be the smartass

    Haythim Aouf reviewed Grandview Point to Horseshoe Mesa Trail

    16 days ago

    first of all, we're a couple that's in fairly good shape but haven't done any serieus hikes in awhile.
    This was a challenging hike and we spend about 2h going down and another 3 going back up.
    We made a deal to turn back after 3 hours no matter where we were and I'm glad we did because the climb up is the most difficult part .
    when doing this climb : don't be the hero, be the smartass