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    Greg Schlosser reviewed Lower Sand Creek Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    Beautiful! The view from the pass is amazing.

    It should be noted that there is no collectable water until the river where you turn off to the lake. Not really a big deal from the 4x4 trailhead, but you'll need to bring a lot if you're coming from the 2wd trailhead.
    You don't reach water until mile 5. There is a little trickle on the pass and another on the far side, but neither are very collectable and will probably stop flowing in a few weeks.

    My recording said 6.18 miles, 2,599 ft ascent, 438 ft descent on the way to the lake from the 2wd.

    Also, there were kind of a lot of people camping in the meadow.

    Greg Schlosser reviewed Cross Creek Trail to Surprise Lake

    4 months ago

    Went backpacking to Surprise Lake last night. Like other reviews say, lots of mosquitos. We were the only ones there though.
    The road is closed about a mile before the trailhead, so it was just under 4 miles to the lake.

    Greg Schlosser reviewed Half Moon Trail

    4 months ago

    Funny the last review was 5 hours ago, and the previous was 2016. I checked this yesterday and decided to try, but just like Anna, I found the road closed. It's closed about 1 mile before the cross creek trailhead.

    Greg Schlosser completed Half Moon Trail

    4 months ago

    Greg Schlosser reviewed Stanley Mountain Trail

    5 months ago

    Did this from 5 - 7:15am this morning, still no cars in the lot when I returned. Turned around after the switchbacks. Getting to the first ridge is definitely the hardest part. There's a trail most of the way but it isn't defined near the top and you will do some postholing. I felt silly putting on gaiters at the trailhead, but was glad I did. I had microspikes with me but never put them on.
    After the first ridge it's easy going. I'd recommend going in the early morning to minimize postholing. It would have been pretty hard in the afternoon.

    Greg Schlosser completed Stanley Mountain Trail

    5 months ago

    Greg Schlosser saved 5 Lake Loop

    12 months ago

    Greg Schlosser reviewed Blue Lake and Little Blue Lake Via Mitchell Lake Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Ryan must have done this the day before the snow storm., because now postholing started getting bad less than 1.5 miles in. Making it to Mitchell lake is easy though. Saw the biggest moose of my life with a calf in the brush along the river before mitchell lake. Got tf out of there quick.

    Greg Schlosser reviewed Missouri Lakes Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Did the loop this morning. If you do this, I highly recommend going clockwise. Luckily this is the way I decided to go.
    The pass between Missouri and Blodgett Lakes is pretty snowy and difficult. I lost my way a few times, but had GPS to help me out. From the top of this pass all the way until the pass above Fancy lakes has no shade. Rest before there, so you don't have to in the sun.
    The pass above Fancy Lakes is pretty much impassible going counterclockwise. Luckily going down was easy. VERY easy. I just put my feet in the pizza position and slid down the entire face. (HAHA AMGIE, I definitely saw a butt slide path, and used that for my shoe skiing.)
    I screwed up and almost made it to Mulhall Lakes before realizing, but it was 9.33 miles and 2,489 ft elevation gain for me.

    Greg Schlosser completed Missouri Lakes Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Greg Schlosser reviewed Booth Lake

    over 1 year ago

    Great trail through a beautiful mountain range. I think the hike to the falls is very highly trafficked, but the lake, not so much. Lots of bear scat after the falls, but zero before it.
    I went up very early, and made it to the lake in 2.5 hours, so I didn't see anyone until I was almost back to the falls, but saw a ton of people on their way up. Many tired and asking how much further to the falls.

    Greg Schlosser completed Booth Lake

    over 1 year ago

    Greg Schlosser reviewed Forest Lakes Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Beautifully maintained trail. There are river crossings over streams that barely need them.
    No real views until the lakes. It's definitely worth it to go to the upper lake. It's a little over 8 miles round trip if you do.
    No mosquitos. There were a lot of gnats for the first 1/4 mile, then no bugs.

    Greg Schlosser completed Forest Lakes Trail

    over 1 year ago