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    Member Since May 2018

    Greg Chew Pro-red@3x

    Millbrae, California 

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    Greg Chew reviewed Hanging Lake Trail

    18 days ago

    We didn't have reservations and had to do the standby list. For a party of 2, and 3 in front of us, we had to wait till the 4th bus. Not too bad, considering we didn't have reservations. Once we got up there, there are only about (44*3) 132 people on the trail at any one time. It wasn't overly crowded and the falls at the top were beautiful. The sprouting rock was awesome because you can get so much closer.

    The trail is hard and it's amazing of the people that bring babies. Very rocky.

    Greg Chew completed Hanging Lake Trail

    18 days ago

    Greg Chew reviewed Glenwood Springs Boy Scout Trail

    18 days ago

    This path was grueling and severely overgrown. We went to the left initially and got the top but there were some parts of the trail where you couldn't even see the ground. I noticed a lot of tire marks throughout the entire loop. Toward the end, it was a single track and almost impossible to hike/walk down, and looks carved out for a bike. Would not recommend for a walk.

    Greg Chew added north bay

    4 months ago

    Greg Chew reviewed Abbotts Lagoon Alternate Loop

    5 months ago

    I attempted this trail and it was fenced off and closed. There trail to the beach is open, but there was no entry or exit point or any signs that led to multiple paths. There is one lookout that you can climb to over the lagoon, but that's it.