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    Gloria Lee added Kicked my booty

    23 days ago

    Gloria Lee reviewed Granite & Hidden Lakes Trail

    27 days ago

    There are quite a few deceiving turns for this trip.

    My boyfriend and I backpacked to Granite Lake in June 2018. After turning off of the main highway, the dirt road that you turn down doesn't look like the correct way, but it is the correct path. Then you go through a neighborhood past cabins; make sure you look at your map because you might miss your turn.

    While hiking up to the lake, we did take a wrong turn, so we backtracked. It wasn't way off course, though, and we didn't mind since we were hiking anyway. However, if you're one who is strongly against going off course, look at the app frequently.

    We got to the lake and set up camp along the back side. We were the only ones there, so it couldn't have been any better. There is ample water to filter from since there are many streams and a rushing creek. It really is beautiful up there! However, we went during the WORST possible time: mosquito season. Gosh, we had never seen such large mosquitoes in the densest clouds making the loudest buzzing. We'd look up and they'd swarm around us. They did clear up at night, though.

    We had plenty of firewood and an established fire pit. The night and lake were still except for the few duck visitors. There were also a couple of beautiful blue jays, and we could hear a bird with a distinct song. It was literally three notes: B-A-A.

    If you're looking for a beginner backpacking destination, this place is worth considering!

    Gloria Lee reviewed Loch Leven Lakes Trail

    27 days ago

    NOTE: For those complaining about people walking through your campsite, don't camp by the trail or water! First of all, it's expected that people would walk through. Secondly, there's a rule that you set up camp at least 200 feet away from both the trail and the water. Don't blame others if you were one to not follow those guidelines (and use your judgment).

    The first time I did this trail was on 7/4/2017. I went back a few weeks ago with my friend who I had actually met there, then I went on 8/11/18 to backpack with my boyfriend for the Perseids meteor shower. I was worried about it being a tough hike with our packs, but it wasn't bad at all since we averaged about 35 minutes on the way up. I also made sure to hydrate the day before and day of.

    As others may have mentioned, you can take the wrong path where all of the exposed granite is. There are cairns that do help, but at least keep the map on you. Other than just a couple of those spots, the trail is easy to follow. There are lots of downed trees that are climbable, or you can walk around a few of them. Also pack lots of water or at least bring a filter, and bring food. Sunscreen is also a great idea.

    After the seemingly-endless rocky switchbacks, you'll notice that this is the perfect hike your both you and your furry friend to swim in an alpine lake or three! The lakes are also never packed, so they're truly gems hidden away into the mountains. All three are beautiful. We camped at the second lake atop a granite hill. Beautiful view of the sky..

    By the way, if you think you hear a bear, it might just be the common nighthawk making booming sounds with its wings. It scared us half to death.

    Gloria Lee completed Hidden Falls Trail

    2 months ago

    Gloria Lee reviewed Mount Tallac Trail

    3 months ago

    Four of us hiked to the summit on Wednesday, 6/28/18. One of the really cool features is experiencing different terrains and ecosystems which makes the hike more interesting. We saw maybe 50 people total, but everyone was spread out so we still had the peace and quiet to outselves. There was a bit of snow near the top but there are paths that go around the patches. The hike was definitely harder than I expected, and the elevation was what got to me. Even though I hydrated the day before, I had a constant headache and took around 10 breaks on our way to the top. At least I was able to stop and enjoy the views, because when we were constantly moving, I couldn’t observe my surroundings when we got to the rocky part.

    Make sure to bring ample water and pack a lunch and snacks. I brought my water bladder which carries 70 oz. I had about 20 oz at Cathedral lake, so I filled it back up. By the time we got back down from the summit, I was almost out of water. Make sure to stay hydrated! That sun and thin air get to you. Also make sure to have solid hiking boots. I was still able to feel rocks, but at least they weren’t jabbing into my foot. Good ankle support is a must, too. Bring sun protection (sunblock, hat, long sleeves, etc.) because it’s about 75% sunny to the top.

    I wanted to quit a couple of times, but I’m glad that I pushed and made my way up to the top. The views were stunning even before reaching the top. You’ll go through and past meadows while enjoying the distant views of several lakes, including Gilmore, Tahoe, and Fallen Leaf. There are also a lot of marmots hanging out at the summit. Prepare to climb up those rocks and boulders!

    Gloria Lee completed Mount Tallac Trail

    3 months ago

    Gloria Lee added Going Home!

    3 months ago

    Gloria Lee added Granite Lake

    4 months ago

    Gloria Lee added With Bernie and Mom!

    4 months ago

    Gloria Lee updated Auburn Overlook from Training Hill Trailhead

    4 months ago

    Gloria Lee updated Auburn Overlook from Training Hill Trailhead

    4 months ago

    Gloria Lee updated Backpacking training with Warren!!

    4 months ago

    Gloria Lee added Backpacking Training

    5 months ago

    Gloria Lee saved Alviso Slough Trail

    6 months ago

    Gloria Lee added With Warren!

    7 months ago

    Gloria Lee reviewed Stevens Trail

    10 months ago

    The first time I went was in April earlier this year and the wild flowers are so beautiful! I just went back yesterday and it was a different kind of beauty. The first 1.5 miles is dense with trees covered in moss, and it is especially beautiful when the sunlight is streaming through.

    Just a reminder: at the second fork, there will be an option to go up the steep hill on your right or continue straight. Do not take the right! It winds you all the way down to private property.

    I was surprised that there weren’t
    many people, so the trail was really quiet and seemed like we had it to ourselves. Unfortunately, we did not have time to do the 9 miles out to the boulders and back due to time constraints. At mile three, we went down the narrow path to the water, hung out with the dogs, then went back up the hill to the car. We completed it in 2 hours as we ran some of the flat and downhill parts even along the edge of the mountain. Yikes!

    Gloria Lee completed Stevens Trail

    10 months ago

    Gloria Lee added #OptOutside

    10 months ago

    Gloria Lee completed English Camp Loop

    10 months ago

    Gloria Lee added Hirschman Trail

    10 months ago