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    Member Since February 2017

    Gisele Contreras Pro-red@3x

    Quebec City, Quebec, Canada 

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    Gisele Contreras reviewed Cascade Mountain

    7 days ago

    Gisele Contreras completed Cascade Mountain

    7 days ago

    Gisele Contreras reviewed Col des Tentes, Col de Boucharo, et Brèche de Roland

    7 days ago

    By far one of my favorite hikes in the area. Completed this hike in early July and there was still quite a bit of snow. We used snow spikes for the final ascend- many people did not have them and had a very hard time as the trail is very narrow and slippery. There is a waterfall that you need to cross and a bit of scramble up rocky sections - proper hiking boots are a must (saw a few people in running shoes) and trekking poles definitely help. Would not hesitate to do this hike again!

    Gisele Contreras reviewed Le Cirque de Gavarnie

    7 days ago

    This trail is a nice option to avoid the heavily trafficked main trail that most tourists take to waterfall.

    Gisele Contreras reviewed Tour des Lacs Ayous et le Pic d’Ayous

    14 days ago

    Although doable in a single day hike, we completed this hike in 2 days and opted for a night at the lac d’Ayous Refuge. This hike offers beautiful views. We ascended through the forest (the path on the right hand side at the fork) and made our way to the pic d’Ayous before returning to the Refuge for the night. On descent, there is a section of the trail with a steep decline over large rocks that have been smoothed our over time and must be quite slippery in rainy conditions. Would do this hike again!

    Gisele Contreras reviewed Étang de la Soucarrane et la Cascade de Labinas

    16 days ago

    Gorgeous views throughout the entire hike! This is a hard hike, perhaps made more difficult by the fact that we did this during a heatwave. My 9 yr-old son managed to do the hike without too much difficulty. Some local hiking guides classify the level of difficulty of this hike as “medium” and that it can be done in 4.5 hrs. We are experienced hikers and completed it in 7 hrs, including a 30-minute break to dip our toes in the lake, a lunch break and stopping for photos (despite this, it would not have been doable in 4.5 hrs).

    There are 2 lakes on this hike (étang Roumazet and lac Soucarrane) and many waterfalls. We ascended by doing the étang Roumazet first, which is probably steeper but a better choice if you don’t like a very steep descent. I would do this hike again!