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    Ginger Kiyomoto reviewed Momyer to San Gorgonio

    30 days ago

    I have done this trail in the spring, summer and just this past weekend. The summer was miserable ... some long periods of no shade. Really enjoyed making this hike an overnight this past weekend, sleeping at the peak. There is not a lot of people on this trail (a couple now and then; only more crowded toward the top). You are climbing up the back side of the mountain. There are plenty of places to resupply your water (est 4, 6, 8 mile marks). There is a HUGE temperature change from the start to the peak (especially if you camp).

    Ginger Kiyomoto completed Palisade Creek Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Ginger Kiyomoto saved Palisade Creek Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Ginger Kiyomoto reviewed Lyell Canyon-Vogelsang Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    I enjoyed the views ... but it is nowhere near 34 miles. It is closer to 20 miles. I went counterclockwise and found it moderate only because I was carrying a pack. It could easily be done as a day hike.

    Ginger Kiyomoto reviewed Anderson Peak

    2 months ago

    I hiked in on Friday afternoon and passed about 6 people. Beautiful. Camped.

    Hiked out Sat morning and passed about 50 people. Groups of people just stopped and you couldn’t pass. Other times slower groups saw me and would not let me pass. I also never mind people having dogs off leash ... if you can control them ... this was not the case. People also blocked other cars in at the trailhead!! Ended up annoyed.

    Who wants to fight through crowds and have to deal with out of controlled dogs? I could have stayed closer to home if I wanted to have these encounters.

    I used to love this trail ...

    Ginger Kiyomoto reviewed Rogue River Trail

    3 months ago

    Just finished this as an out and back (starting and ending at the Rogue River Trailhead on the West side). 80 miles in 3 days.

    It was amazingly beautiful (though I liked the first 20 and last 20 miles the most). And one reason I picked this trail was because of the lack of crowds. Yes, there are rafters down below, but I saw only two small groups of backpackers and two other small groups of hikers the whole 80 miles.

    Finding a spot to camp can be challenging. Especially because of the holiday (Labor Day weekend), people rafted in to camp ... so most of the spots right in the water were crowded. I ended up setting up camp far away from their noise.

    I was not expecting part of the trail was on pavement ... I thought I made a wrong turn so added a couple of miles. Also, since there are plenty of other paths (especially to get to the river), you can easily make a wrong turn.

    Also appreciated that there was a water source (that I filtered) at least every 4 miles (many times much closer).

    This hike is NOT HARD. Moderate IMO. The blackberry bushes can be annoying ... and be careful walking through the flattened long grass as I tripped a couple of times.

    Would love to hike this trail again starting from the East side.

    Ginger Kiyomoto completed Rogue River Trail

    3 months ago

    Ginger Kiyomoto completed Paradise Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    Ginger Kiyomoto completed Stateline Lookout

    3 months ago

    Ginger Kiyomoto reviewed Angeles Crest Loop

    5 months ago

    I went counter clockwise.

    Went 11.5 mi the first day (starting at 2:30pm) and only started seeing people after 6 mi. Then I started seeing PCT people. Passed the campground before stopping to camp after Windy Gap. The campground was loud and people were allowing their dogs off leash without watching them. I found the loud people at the campsite WAY more annoying than passing serious hikers traveling the PCT.

    Setting up camp was a little challenging with all the wind ... but the views were SO worth it.

    Started early ... 5:30am the second day covering 15.1 mi. Saw a couple of people, but only about 4 total. No longer on the PCT trail.

    A total of 26.6 miles (sam on my phone & All Trails). I am not sure there is any water at the campground ... but there was NO water source on the trail. I went through 4L total.

    I really liked this loop ... will be back to go clockwise ... and hopefully will find a less windy spot to set up camp.

    Ginger Kiyomoto completed Angeles Crest Loop

    5 months ago

    Ginger Kiyomoto completed Anderson Peak

    6 months ago

    Ginger Kiyomoto completed Serrania Ridge Trail

    7 months ago

    Ginger Kiyomoto reviewed Windy Gap Trail

    8 months ago

    Great just to be out and enjoy the outdoors. Most of the hike I found easy, with sections that I would consider moderate. The weather was cool and a bit windy toward the top. But as others have mentioned, in the middle of a heat spell, bring LOTS of water, and wear a hat ... if bringing a dog, go super early and also there are some spots that are a bit precarious if your dog bounds about be careful.

    Not many people on Easter Sunday. Don’t be turned off by starting your hike in the middle of camping sites, you soon depart from the area.

    Ginger Kiyomoto reviewed South Fork Trail to Islip saddle

    9 months ago

    Moderate not Hard. No major climbs. Some fallen trees. Reaching Islip Saddle was anticlimactic.

    Getting to the parking lot a 4WD would be best.

    Besides at the beginning a leaving the camp ground area and at Islip Saddle, did not hear / see anyone. This is what made the hike worthwhile.

    Ginger Kiyomoto added Great Ocean View

    10 months ago

    Ginger Kiyomoto completed Topanga Canyon Loop

    10 months ago