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    Member Since June 2018

    Ginevra De Maria

    Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland 

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    Ginevra De Maria reviewed Path of the Gods: Bomerano to Positano

    13 days ago

    Did this trail in October, there was no shade and > 25 degrees C. I recommend to bring a lot of water, sunscreen and comfy clothes cause it is a long and sometimes a bit tiring :) but 100% recommended! Sea view it’ stunning. Would do it again.

    Ginevra De Maria reviewed Clare Glens Loop Walk

    13 days ago

    Lovely trail, I personally tried to walk quite close to the river but if you do so be mindful cause it’s very slippery! If you follow the route, the trail is totally fine and safe.
    I found this trail very different than the Irish trails I’ve done so far, the atmosphere it’s absolutely stunning!
    100% recommended.