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    Member Since March 2018

    Gina Holman Pro-red@3x

    Washington, District of Columbia 

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    Gina Holman reviewed Diamond Hill Loop

    5 days ago

    Go early! Experiencing this trail in relative solitude was amazing. About 2ish hours with a few stops. Can be windy and a little wet but the views are worth it and the difficulty tops out with some steep stone steps. We enjoyed this very much!

    Gina Holman completed Diamond Hill Loop

    5 days ago

    Gina Holman reviewed Bray Head Loop

    7 days ago

    Beautiful views, easy hike. We were glad to be wearing sturdy boots with the muddy second half. Took us an hour and a half but we did stop plenty for pictures. Luckily missed the rain!

    Gina Holman completed Bray Head Loop

    7 days ago

    Gina Holman reviewed Glendalough 'White' Route

    9 days ago

    Great trail, went on a cloudy day and the trail was mostly dry. We weren’t in a hurry and it took us about three hours. Saw deer, mountain goats. Lots of people out but it wasn’t really an issue, we think they had an event during the morning.

    Gina Holman saved Bray Head Loop

    13 days ago

    Gina Holman saved Diamond Hill Loop

    13 days ago