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    Member Since August 2019

    Gerardo Lami

    Jupiter, Florida 

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    Gerardo Lami reviewed Praia do Leblon, Ipanema Beach and Pedra do Arpoador

    14 days ago

    Not really a trail, it’s just the sidewalk along the beach except for the eastern end where you climb the rock. Excellent views from Arpeador. Lots pf places along the way to purchase a drink.

    Gerardo Lami reviewed Trilha Dois Irmãos

    17 days ago

    Great experience. I would rate it as moderate and higher, The trail is all uphill with many steep sections, and a handful of small sections where you will need to get on all four due to steepness. Lots of vegetation, didn't see any animals except ants and birds. Take water, you will need it, no matter how mild the weather might be. Trail is not marked by signs, except at the start of the trail, but it is pretty obvious where you need to go. You need to go the Vidigal fable, at the entrance to the fabela go to the motorcycle trailer stand to hire a moto-taxi to take you to the beginning of the trail, cost was $1.25 US each way. You could walk to the start of the trail, but you will start the trail exhausted. Tell the driver you will pay him double if he drives slowly, highly suggested since they drive like maniacs otherwise. Just tell the driver, "Trillha does irmaos", he will know. I wouldn't go right after a rain, trail would be very slippery.

    Gerardo Lami completed Trilha Dois Irmãos

    17 days ago