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    George Glenney saved Case Woodlot

    15 days ago

    George Glenney saved Bond Lake Loop

    3 months ago

    George Glenney reviewed Eldred King Woodlands Loop

    4 months ago

    really nice trail, some rolling hills to climb and decend, there is also a pond. the trail is mostly sand, which is easy on the feet. the main parking lot is off of HWY 48, NO Washroom facilities at this trail. not overly crowded but we did pass a few people on our hike. I would have given it a 5 but the trails are loaded with horse droppings, we took a side narrow trail that we figured the horses would not be on but they were actually worse!!! There was enough I felt to kind of spoil the scenery as we had to keep an look out for the landmines left by the horses

    George Glenney completed Hollidge Tract

    4 months ago

    George Glenney reviewed Belfountain Trail

    4 months ago

    The area with the falls and fountain is beautiful, and worth seeing, The information in the description of this trail above, isn't exactly accurate. The Belfountain trail is only about 1.5km lont, it does split off onto part of the Bruce Trail. The rating of Easy. isn't accurate either, they have signs up saying challenging. We went after a night of rain and the trail is full of rocks and roots which were slippery. It is also very steep in areas, even to the point where they put stairs and boardwalks in certain spots. Its a nice area but the trail is defiantly not suitable for people with mobility issues

    George Glenney completed Belfountain Trail

    4 months ago

    George Glenney saved Hollidge Tract

    5 months ago

    George Glenney reviewed Leslie Greenbelt Trail

    6 months ago

    its not a bad short hike if you are in the area, the trail is part paved and part gravel (kitty litter) allot of thick bush, not very scenic but nice on a hot summer day as most of is shaded from the trees, the trail runs along a man made drainage culvert that is made to look like a creek

    George Glenney completed Leslie Greenbelt Trail

    6 months ago

    George Glenney reviewed Unionville Valleylands Trail

    8 months ago

    Based on the rating this trail got I didn't have high expectations for this trail. I was pleasantly surprised! It is short, easy level trail so it isn't challenging but the scenery is quite nice great for photographers. Seen a beaver, gold finch and heron and something else that was swimming just below the water, may have been a snapping turtle?

    George Glenney reviewed Wilket Creek Trail

    8 months ago

    Really nice scenic trail, I went mid week on a damp overcast day, there wasn't allot of traffic but I would imagine it will be packed in the summer when the foliage is in full bloom. There were a couple of washrooms throughout the trail which was nice. The main trail is paved and is fairly level but there is a fairly steep incline in and out of the park, there is paved ramp with stairs in some part but is steep to get down. I think there may have been another ramp down that was less incline that started at the same part and entered the trail further down. I really enjoyed this hike unfortunately the trail was closed for maintenance half way down to Eglington, there was a ramp to get off the trail, so I think you could have went up to the street and re-entered further down the trail

    George Glenney completed Wilket Creek Trail

    8 months ago

    George Glenney completed Highland Creek Trail

    10 months ago

    George Glenney saved Bruce Trail Loop

    11 months ago