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    G-Man Hiker saved Lewis Falls Trail

    3 months ago

    G-Man Hiker reviewed Heaton Flat Trail to Iron Mountain

    5 months ago

    There is nothing fun about this hike. The terrain is strenuous, exposed, tons of yucca plants, very steep, very rocky, and DEFINITELY need trekking poles. It's just as challenging coming down as going up. I have gotten 1/2 mile from the peak twice now and failed to summit due to it being cold and just too exhausting. Do not do this hike unless you are specifically trying summit Iron Mountain. This is not an enjoyable/challenging day hike, but rather a testament of will to prove you can get to the top.

    G-Man Hiker reviewed Dawn Mine Trail Loop

    over 1 year ago

    We hiked counter-clockwise which i think makes for a better hike. In that way, the ascent is open with not much tree coverage, decent views, pretty easy uphill, nothing too hard or exciting. The descent was nice and shaded under trees, most of it has a smaller stream running along the trail, and was a nice reward for the first few uphill miles.

    G-Man Hiker reviewed Mt. San Antonio & Mt. Baldy Notch Trail

    almost 2 years ago

    AWESOME views at the top. If you can take the ski lifts up to the start of Devil's Backbone, then do so. The walk is long, boring, and on a paved road...not exactly my idea of hiking. Save your energy for the trail.
    There are some points on the trail that are narrow, with some pretty steep drops which could be a little vertigo inducing.
    The summit is windy, and cold, so bring an extra layer. There is also no water on the trail until you reach the Sierra Club Ski Hut, and even then, it was just a tiny stream a good 30' off the trail (which I would not have seen if I didn't lose the trail and had to cut clear across Baldy Bowl to the Ski Hut). Went through almost 5 liters of water in total and hiked from 7AM to around 3:300PM.

    G-Man Hiker reviewed Heaton Flat Trail to Iron Mountain

    almost 2 years ago

    This hike should be on the six pack of peaks ( In the past few weeks I've climbed Wilson, Cucamonga, and Baldy, and this was MUCH harder than those. The first 4 miles are OK, but then the trails climbs to about 45 degrees, with slippery rocks, lots of yucca plants , that have grown into the trail, and at many points the trail is very narrow due to shrubs and trees growing on each side, making trekking poles useless at those points. I slipped a good 6 or 7 times on the way back down, and was just lucky to not slide into anything prickly.

    I planned on doing a loop down the other side and to the waterfall, but couldn't even make it to the summit. Temperatures went from the low 60's on the way up to low 80's on the way back down, and it was windy and chilly towards the top. Got to 7800' and was too wet and cold to finish. Started at 7AM, called it quits a little before noon, back to the car at 3. Bring more water than you normally would. I burned through 3 liters and ran out with 4 miles left to go.
    I give this 3 stars because of the yucca plants :) and because even the descent was a challenge, and a bit dangerous at times.
    I'll be back to finish this one after I get some proper cold weather hiking.gear.

    G-Man Hiker completed Heaton Flat Trail to Iron Mountain

    almost 2 years ago

    G-Man Hiker reviewed Icehouse Canyon to Cucamonga Peak Trail

    almost 2 years ago

    Great fall/cool weather hike. The first part to Icehouse Saddle is wooded and there was a stream running. Despite the trail being very rocky in the beginning, it's a pleasant first half. The 2nd half from Icehouse Saddle to Cucamonga Peak is mostly exposed which has some spectacular views, but would not be pleasant in the least on a hot or sunny day. I was quite glad to have cloudys and be in the mid 60's, perfect for this grueling uphill hike to the peak. The views at the top are well worth it and there is a large open area with plenty of places to sit and eat lunch overlooking the towns below. Overall, the trail has very few ups and downs - you go up to the peak, you go down to the parking lot. Took us 4 hours to the top and 2 hours back down plus lunch and a break at Icehouse Saddle. Only saw a few other hikers on the trail. Highly recommend this hike on a cooler or cloudy day.

    G-Man Hiker reviewed Mount Wilson Loop via Chantry Flats

    almost 2 years ago

    Great hike EXCEPT, Mount Wilson trail is closed as of 10/21 due to a bear attack on 10/10. The trail is physically accessible, except for a small sign at the trailhead saying it's closed. Otherwise, the climb up Sturtevant Trail was a bit tough, and took my wife, myself, and our dog a full 4 hours starting at 6:45AM. The trail is cool in the morning, and mostly shaded and through trees and woods. A few small sections are exposed and have a "desert feel" to them. GOOD NEWS: the water refill at Mount WIlson is up and running as of this post.

    We did this hike as the first of the "six pack of peaks" and found it challenging and rewarding. The 13+ miles was JUST at the limit of our dog's abilities, and I wouldn't recommend bringing a dog unless he/she has long distance hiking experience.

    After a 45 minute break at the top, we hiked back down Sturtevant Trail in roughly 3 hours, which took longer than normal due to having to stop every 10 minutes towards the end to give our dog a break. The last .6 miles up Chantry Flats road was the hottest part of the trip, and unfortunately at the end which really pushed our dog to the limit.