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    Fred Martinez reviewed Hermit Falls to Sturtevant Falls Loop

    4 months ago

    Took my 11 year old daughter and 12 year old son who have only done Mt Rubidoux 4 mile hikes previously. We did this loop, but added a short trip to the top of Sturtevant Falls after we reached the Falls basin. We went back 1/4 mile to the Gabrelino Trail and headed around to the top of the Falls for a different view and then back down to the basin where our group was waiting. My Garmin InReach registered this at 8 miles. This group of trails is awesome and very doable for almost anyone. There is shade on 85% of the trail, you walk along a beautiful creek most of the way, you see several small cabins along the way, lots of easy creek crossing which the kids loved, even if they get a little wet, and trail is mainly wide dirt gravel mix. The only complaint is the tiny parking lot gets full by 6am on weekends so you will be parking on the road approaching the parking lot and adding mileage to your trek.

    Fred Martinez reviewed Bighorn Peak and Ontario Peak

    5 months ago

    The second half of this hike is amazing, beautiful scenery. But starting from Ice House Canyon is never fun on the way down after a long day. Its is very rocky. But Ontario Peak is beautiful and worth the trek. All devices measure differently, but my Garmin Inreach registered this at about 15 miles.

    Fred Martinez reviewed Dreaded Hill Loop Trail

    6 months ago

    This review is for all of Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. I joined a group that did about 12 miles through these trails on a day that was expected to downpour. We got lucky, the weather could not have been better, it was in the 50's, cloudy, and calm, and we didnt see a sole until we were on our way out. The scenery in this area is beautiful, there are lots of hills for training especially "Dreaded Hill" about a mile long and around 700 feet of elevation gain. The trails are nice and wide and there are lots of areas with trees covering for shade. We spotted some beautiful birds, lots of deer, and lots and lots of fresh Bobcat tracks. The icing on the cake in this set of trails is definitely "red Rock Canyon." You feel like your in the Grand Canyon with the beautiful red mountains with unique design. You hike to the base of them through a canyon and for added pleasure you can scramble your way to the top.

    Fred Martinez completed Dreaded Hill Loop Trail

    6 months ago

    Fred Martinez reviewed Inspiration Point Loop Trail

    6 months ago

    I love this set of trails. Sam Merill Trail starts at the intersection of Lake Ave and Alta Loma Dr, straight up Lake Ave from the 210 about 5 miles. Its all street parking, i've never had an issue finding a spot neary even at 9am. Just look at the signs, some say No Parking, some have times.

    The first 2.5 miles is steep and can get hot with almost no shade so start early. You hit the old site of Echo Mountain Hotel and the Mount Lowe Railway at 2.5 miles and there's an amazing view of DTLA and Catalina from there. At this point there are several trails that branch off. Continue another 2.5 miles on the Inspiration Point Trail. This portion is awesome. There is alot of shade, it goes by a creek, it starts to look foresty, and you get a glimpse of a cool cave which I have yet to try to get to. Once at the top, the views are breathtaking! There are several points of interest to look out at, there are benches to have a snack, and shade. The view is amazing and without driving into the mountains.

    For this route, you take the trail over the back side of Inspiration Point where it is all shade for the first few miles down. Here you will likely see deer roaming. Also beware this portion is highly traveled by mountain bikers, listen for their bell warning and let them pass by quickly. Eventually you will arrive back at the top of Echo Mountain. From here continue down the Sam Merill Trail you came up originally for 2.5 more miles. Most of this trail is narrow and has steep drop offs, it can get congested. The lower portion is highly traveled by runners. Overall it is still excellent, especially with the ease of getting there.

    Fred Martinez reviewed Sturtevant Falls Trail

    6 months ago

    This is a very cool short easy hiking trail. It starts with a 1/2 mile paved fireroad with about 400 feet of decent right out of the gate, then drops you at a bridge and a creek with another bathroom. The trail then turns to dirt and narrows and continues along the creek the rest of the way. It is mostly covered by trees so lots of shade. There are a couple easy creek crossings required and then boom, 1.5 miles in and your at the falls. It is nice and pretty clean. Lots of rocks or areas to sit and eat at the falls. I'd say this hike is very easy other than, oh yeah remember that initial 1/2 mile with 400 feet of decent?? Yeah that is all uphill at the finish, which again, for almost any hiker is still easy; however, for small children that part could be challenging, and that part is basically the only part that is actually direct sun as well. All in all still an easy beautiful family trail. The only reason I dont give this 5 stars is the parking. There is a small parking lot at the trailhead and restrooms. However, we arrived at 8am and not only was that full, with several desperate people driving in circles hoping to catch someone leaving, but cars were parked all along the road down the mountain (on both sides) which is pretty much marked everywhere either "No parking" or "No stopping" signs or painted "No parking" on the pavement. Despite all the signage, people were parked all over the area, with their vehicles sticking out into traffic way too much, along an already narrown road, which then causes all those people from those cars to have to walk up the mountain to the trailhead completely in the roadway, as vehicles were blocking the shoulder all the way. Extremely dangerous, especially for kids, which this trail is covered with. We were forced to park exactly 1 mile down the mountain from the trailhead, which hey, we're hiking, so not a huge deal, but the circumstances are less than ideal if you show up at 8am. Prior to that, i cannot speak for, but still a cool trail I recommend.

    Fred Martinez completed Sturtevant Falls Trail

    6 months ago

    Fred Martinez reviewed Potato Chip Rock via Mt. Woodson Trail

    7 months ago

    This is a wonderful hike that is doable to most people of normal physical health. It begins very scenic on a dirt trail that winds around Lake Poway and then narrows and becomes steeper. About halfway, it becomes a series of switchbacks made of mostly rocks. The views at the summit are beautiful. The only negative is that because there is one particular attraction, the potato chip rock itself, you will have to wait to get your chance at a picture on it. But be patient and courteous and your turn will come. Everybody worked their butt off getting there, let them have their moment too.

    Fred Martinez reviewed The M Hike

    7 months ago

    Found this trail when I decided to try to catch the sunrise atop the infamous "M" on Box Springs Mountain. There wasnt alot of info out there for the M specifically, so i used the satellite setting on Google Maps and saw this short trail that seemed to lead from the neighborhodd to the M. I took my 12 year old son early on January 4, 2018 and hit the trail. We parked in the neighborhood east of Box Springs Mountain, off Hidden Springs and Pigeon Pass Rd, but there is a dirt parking lot you can park at during daylight, opens at 7am. The parking lot uses the honor system and asks you to drop $5 in a box. We initially took the wromg trail due to unfamiliarity and darkness, we started at 530am. We picked the trail that leads from to the right from the dirt lot because it had white painted arrows on the ground Lol. After 30 minutes I realized we were heading away from the M, which sits on the front (or south side) of the mountain. I used Google sattelite to backtrack to the parlking lot and chose the middle trail, which seemed to go in the exact direction of the M (Note you cant see the M from the start, but I know where it sits). The trail is not very clear in many places because people have cut the trail and created more direct trails, but pretty much all of them get you there once you get going. It is about 2 miles to the M and 2 miles back. The trail has some very steep portions that are slippery with sand and gravel and also has areas where you have to step onto boulders and its easier to use your hands. It is a bit tricky because you cannot see the M at all until you are literally right in front of it. After we completed the hike, we realized the landmark you can use is the radio antennas, which can be seen from every point of the hike and basically sit right above the M. On this trail, it will be the antennas that sit in second position from the most right antennas (there are many sets of antennas on top of this mountain). You can sit on the M, which is about 100 feet wide and 50 feet tall and made of rock and concrete and painted white. During christmas and New Years it is lit up at night with LED lights, also good for night hiking. My son made the hike with no issues, other than a little exhausted. it was about 1100 feet of elevation gain. It has amzing views of the sunset, sunrise, city of riverside, and city of Moreno Valley. Highly suggest this trail, but beware there are definately coyotes, snakes, donkeys, and at least one mountain lion. We only heard donkeys, did not see any others, but saw many fresh coyote paw prints and clear mountain lion prints. This should not deter you as this should be expected in any mountain setting, you are in their home. Just take a knife, a whistle, and be mindful.

    Fred Martinez updated The M Hike

    7 months ago