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    Frank Connolly completed Stillwell Woods Trail

    almost 3 years ago

    Frank Connolly reviewed Stillwell Woods Stroll

    almost 3 years ago

    This is indeed a nice place for a weekend stroll. There are a few trails that run through these woods. The Greenbelt trail runs through here, there is a Yellow trail and another with Blue blazes which is used almost exclusively by bikers.

    My wife and I took the Yellow trail with our dogs. The bulletin board need the trail head says the trail is about 4 miles and this website says it’s 3.2. It’s actually somewhere in between at about 3.5 miles. The trail is a loop and is very well marked. The first few 10th’s of a mile start out as flat and easy. Once in the woods there are a lot a hills and ups and downs. None of the hills are that big or particularly steep. A good part of the trail is similar to a bridal/horse trail so you will be dealing with loose sand and lots of rocks. I would rate the trail as somewhere between easy and moderate.

    One disturbing observation was the number of dogs off leash. Bikers bring their dogs and expect they will just keep up and follow them. That doesn’t always happen. Not long after we started out we came across two teen age girls holding some biker’s dog who got lost and they were waiting for him to come back and get the dog. Unbelievable! There are even hikers who let their dogs roam around off leash. Just keep this in mind if you come here. I am rating this a 3 because of that.

    Frank Connolly reviewed Massapequa Preserve

    almost 3 years ago

    This is a really great trail. At the right time it can be both colorful and tranquil. I used to bike ride through here a few years ago and I had forgotten how beautiful it is particularly at this time of year with the leaves changing colors.

    The trail on the web site is about a 2.5 mile loop. However, as pointed out by another reviewer you can make this a longer hike. If you go down to Sunrise Highway it is abut a four mile loop. If you continue down to Merrick Road you can rest at Massapequa lake, have some lunch and head back. it is about a 5.6 mile loop.

    As you go through the preserve there are a few off shoot trails you can take to explore the preserve. This is a level flat trail and east to follow.

    If you go early in the morning it won't be too crowded.

    Frank Connolly completed Massapequa Lake Trail

    almost 3 years ago

    Frank Connolly reviewed Uplands Farm Sanctuary to cold spring harbor

    almost 3 years ago

    My wife and I picked up the trail behind the conservancy office. We had the trail map and at the end of the field we entered the woods on our right. I guess we left the Sanctuary and ended up on some greenbelt trails. The trail is poorly marked and as you go further into the woods it becomes crowded. Runners, people with dogs and other hikers. This is the most crowded trail I have been on. On Route 108 and Lawrence Hill there are different entrances for the Greenbelt and that must be where the people were coming from.

    A lot of the trails ended up in dead ends or up against rich person's property line. We saw a couple of large pools with pool houses and a tennis court.

    We ended up over near Route 108 and turned around and went back. We had to use the Google satellite app to find our way back to a point on the trail we could recognize.

    There are definitely some elevations and I would describe the terrain as rugged. I would give this a moderate rating.

    A good workout but frustrating when you can't be sure where you are going.

    Frank Connolly reviewed Muttontown Mystery Trail

    about 3 years ago

    I was on this trial twice recently. There are two entrances, so be careful. The first time I went It took quite a while for me to find my way in. Some of the posted directions are wrong.

    The main entrance and trailhead are on Muttontown Lane (Not Muttontown Road). If you are coming South on Rte 106 or turning off Northern Blvd (25 A) to go south stay in the right lane and go slow. You will pass a Methodist church on your right. At the next street, Walnut Avenue, turn right and go one block and turn left onto Muttontown Lane and take it to the end into the preserve.

    If you are going north on Rte 106 get in the left lane as you approach Northern Blvd. (25 A). You will be able to turn onto the southbound lane without having to cross over Northern Bld. Turn right onto Walnut Avenue and follow the directions above.

    At the visitor center pick up a map. Behind the building the trails start. The one to the right loops around the grounds of the Chelsea Mansion. The trail to the left leads you into the woods and sanctuary.
    At first the trail map seems useful but that doesn’t last for long. If you find a post with a specific letter/number designation you can see where you are on the map. I headed south and just followed the path and took whatever I thought was interesting. Though not well marked if you have a compass and the Google maps app it’s hard to really get lost. Also there are markings up on the trees, for hiking and skiing, to help guide you so you should be able to stay on the main trial.

    I kept heading south hoping to eventually find the ruins. I came to the Garden Wall which is pretty large and the length East and turns to the North. It also helps you find your spot on the map. I veered off and continued East and ended up at the second, lesser known preserve entrance off of Rte 106. It’s known as the Equestrian entrance but anyone can park in the lot and come in.

    By this time I knew we were near the ruins but it was time to head back. The trail seemed easy enough to follow going back and we had no problem getting to our car.

    The preserve is really, quiet, peaceful and tranquil. The trail itself is not difficult. For the most part it is flat and what few inclines or elevations are short and not steep. There are a number of trails throughout the woods and another poster’s remark that the trails are like a spiderweb is on the mark. There are horse trails through part of the preserve as well.

    I will be back to find the ruins.

    Frank Connolly completed Muttontown Preserve

    about 3 years ago

    Frank Connolly reviewed West Hills Park

    about 3 years ago

    I started this hike from the Reservoir Road entrance. Go all the way to the end of Reservoir Road and park on the right. Enter the woods on the right. The trail will veer to the left and going this way you will get to the top of Jaynes Hill pretty quickly. However, you need to follow the trail down and take it all the way out to the picnic area by the West Hills Park parking area. Here you can relax at one of the benches and have a lunch before heading back as you came. Note that the trail heading back to Reservoir Road is more challenging with some decent inclines and the 43 steps back the top of Jaynes Hill is a nice work out.

    The trail is marked pretty well in my opinion. There are both single and double blazes but they seem to both stay on the same trail. If you feel uncertain of following the trail or getting lost bring a compass and have a mobile device that can access Google maps. The app will give you a satellite view and you can see where you are and monitor your trek periodically to make sure you are going where you want to go.

    The trail is not very crowded and it is a peaceful hike. I would consider the trail to be between easy and moderate. The only bad part is that the path uses horse trails at times and the ground, rocks and mini boulders can be hard on your feet. And of course you need to watch where you step.

    Frank Connolly completed West Hills Park

    about 3 years ago

    Frank Connolly reviewed Walt Whitman Revisited

    about 3 years ago

    Frank Connolly completed Walt Whitman High Hill Trail

    about 3 years ago