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    Francois Robert reviewed Winchester Wasteway

    17 days ago

    Used SUP to paddle down from the boat launch on Dobson Rd to the next boat launch off Road C. This is the last and only boat launch before the waterfall. It was an awesome trip. Beautiful escape from civilization. Many birds and fish. Paddled beside a beaver at some point. Not recommended for beginners. Several sections were difficult to negotiate. The last mile was quite rapid. I will do this again. Distance was 15.4 miles. We did it in 4:45 hrs using a constant paddling pace.

    Francois Robert saved Winchester Wasteway

    about 1 month ago

    Francois Robert completed Winchester Wasteway

    about 1 month ago

    Francois Robert added paddle boarding

    about 1 month ago

    Francois Robert completed Twin Falls Trail

    2 months ago

    Francois Robert reviewed Mailbox Peak

    4 months ago

    Hiked up the old trail on a misty/rainy morning for the first time. The trail was muddy and slick in spots, but approach shoes provided secure footing. The trail was difficult to navigate in some areas. It seemed like there were a number of alternate routes. Look for the reflective white diamonds for the most direct route. Overall, the trail was a whole lot of fun. Very diverse steps/obstacles along a pretty steep grade. Given the rain, I took the new trail down but I plan to try old trail down on a dry day. Highly recommended trail to evaluate your cardio while having a blast.

    Francois Robert completed Easy Pass Trail

    4 months ago

    Francois Robert completed Maple Pass Trail

    4 months ago

    Francois Robert reviewed Mount Rainier Standard Summit Route

    5 months ago

    Summited Mt Rainier using Ingraham Direct route, instead of going around Disappointment Cleaver. A few crevasses were open near Ingraham flats. Otherwise, snow conditions were ideal. Camped at Muir for a few hours in both directions. Great hike that can be done overnight instead of three days. Time from car to car: 33 hrs. Be prepared for changing conditions in vis, wind, temp. Easy to get lost in poor vis. Many places where a slip could be very troublesome. A serious hike above Muir. Have fun!

    Francois Robert updated Rainier Summit via Ingraham Direct

    5 months ago

    Francois Robert completed Cashmere Mountain

    5 months ago

    Francois Robert reviewed Cougar Mountain via S Tommy and Tyee Ridge Trail

    6 months ago

    Attempted the trail to Cougar Mtn in early Apr. Snow started at around the 2,800 ft level but snowshoes were not required until around 3,000 ft. Many trees impeded the progress. Not way to go around most, which meant that we had to go over them. Not easy with snowshoes and a pack. After 4 hrs of difficult hiking, we only covered 3.1 mi and 2,00 ft in elevation. There was no way to make it to the proposed camp area before dark at the rate we were going and the terrain was only getting steeper. This trail will be attempted again but after snow has cleared.