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    Frances Egler

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

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    Frances Egler reviewed Rose River Trail

    6 days ago

    This was a great trail. Definitely go clockwise, ending with the fire road for the ascent. Did it today and it was a lovely mix of woods and waterfalls. Not crowded at all. Water levels were low as rain hadn’t fallen much recently, but the walk along the streams was peaceful and beautiful. Some steep rocky steps here and there as you ascend along the creek to Dark Hollow Falls. Lush green forests otherwise. A bit buggy here and there, so use some bug spray. Also saw bear scat on the trail (twice) but thankfully no bears. Should only take about 2 to 2.5 hours (Park map says 4 hours, but even the ranger said that was way too long for this hike.)

    Frances Egler completed Rose River Trail

    6 days ago