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    Member Since July 2019

    Florent Martin

    Paris, Île-de-France, France 

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    Florent Martin reviewed Caldeira Faial

    10 days ago

    it is not a bike path, as indicated in the description (in French). beautiful 360 ° walk around the caldera and with ocean and Mount Pico in continuous view. to do in good weather. obviously !!

    Florent Martin completed Caldeira Faial

    10 days ago

    Florent Martin reviewed PR1 SJO : Caldeira do Santo Cristo

    16 days ago

    start in the fog, but conditions change quickly ... clearings certainly arrive. provide waterproof, it serves regularly. beautiful points of view. First faja very authentic. the road to go to the 2nd traveled by quads. not top. but the lake is worth it ... especially after the ride back by taxi = 23 euros, 20 minutes waiting after call, (take the numbers at departure, they are displayed). Very nice day.

    Florent Martin reviewed Pico Mountain Trail

    16 days ago

    8h, ... quiet pace but difficult hike. top conditions, sun. but clouds blocking 360 view at the top. Warning. in summer, busy if the previous days were rainy..y go before 6am, - 6:30. otherwise the limited number of GPS is exceeded and you will have to wait for those going down. our case = 3h waiting! but it was worth it.

    Florent Martin reviewed PRC5 Fajã de Além

    19 days ago

    loop that arrives on the uninhabited hamlet ... but maintained regularly. small vegetable gardens and orchards. beautiful views. hiking in general shady. Very sloping.

    Florent Martin completed PRC5 Fajã de Além

    19 days ago

    Florent Martin reviewed PR9 SJO: Fajã dos Vimes, Fragueira, Portal

    19 days ago

    friendly. the slope is steep.

    Florent Martin saved Pico Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago