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    Felipe Castellon completed Stonewall Peak Trail

    3 months ago

    Felipe Castellon reviewed Agua Tibia Full Loop Trail

    4 months ago

    I gave it 5 stars because it has different challenges and not a walk in the park. I took the ambient temperature was 32 degrees 7 a.m. At the trail head. Took dripping springs up. Nice scenery a lot of chapparal. little shade.Took 3.75 liters of water (in summer I suggest 5 at least). Palomar Mcgee, starts to flatten up a little. this is where the over grown brush and fallen trees are at different spots for a couple of miles. Thank you to whoever put blue and white checkered markers to help stay on trail. making a left on Crosley saddle you go down . when you reach the river bed you start climbing again. Then undulating for a few miles then get to the bottom. 24.4 miles total. Alltrails can keep you on trail but won't give you appropriate mileage. For food I brought cold soaked oatmeal with sugar and berries, ramen with soy sauce vinegarette and carrots, hummus and snacks.

    Felipe Castellon reviewed Arrowhead Pinacles Trail

    6 months ago

    Nice hike. Lost the trail many times. Won't get lost as in survival lost. Just head South and you'll find the main road. Climbing the pinnacles was also kind of difficult. Knowing which way to go up and down also. Using Alltrails is a really good way of staying on trail. Problem is I forgot to turn it off when we got back to the trail head and it recorded all the way to Big Bear Lake. Ooops. Had to delete it. Gloves would be good to take for the rocks and Manzanita.

    Felipe Castellon reviewed San Luis Rey Bike Path

    8 months ago

    Done this on my road bike many times. Twice I have paced riders for RAAM (Race Across America) they use thus as their starting point from the pier. It's excellent for cycling, jogging or walking. Bring water and snacks if you're going to do point to point or back and forth.

    Felipe Castellon reviewed San Jacinto Peak from The Tramway

    9 months ago

    Nice hike. We stayed over night at Round Valley then hiked to the summit the following day. Came back through round valley and to the tram. Nice view at Wellman's Divide. When going up that long stretch after the divide it's easy to loose the trail before turning left to the other long stretch before the summit. When you get to the rocks by the summit just pick a spot and climb. Beautiful!!

    Felipe Castellon reviewed Oak Grove Trail to High Point

    10 months ago

    Hard hike. Relentless ascend and descend. Bring plenty of water and food. Beautiful scenery.

    Felipe Castellon added Nice hike

    10 months ago

    Felipe Castellon reviewed South Kaibab Trail to Ooh Aah Point

    10 months ago

    Awesone hike. short and relatively steep. Beautiful views. Mules pass by inches from the edge. Bring more water than normal for 2 mile hike.

    Felipe Castellon completed Devils Bridge Trail

    10 months ago

    Felipe Castellon added partial

    10 months ago

    Felipe Castellon added Grand Canyonw

    10 months ago

    Felipe Castellon completed Rim Trail

    10 months ago

    Felipe Castellon reviewed Creek crossing, east ridge, boulder loop

    11 months ago

    Starts off flat to warm you up. Has descending and climbing until you get to east ridge. during winter and spring you cross a creek at he bottom. then continues climbing until to a short descend. At the top you can see Escondido and on a clear day, the Pacific Ocean. Mount Palomar to the east, Mt Woodson (potato chip) to the southeast, Double Peak to the south. Chaparral all around with plenty of sage and other native plants. East ridge takes you between two ponds and continues to the Historic Ranch House where there are rest areas and bathrooms with water. Go on a paved road to Boulder loop trail where it starts getting steep, good training for more difficult trails with nice views. It continues around and a steep descend to the paved road again and continues to the trailhead. This is a 5 1/2 mile trail which has connecting trails if you desire. Great for Map and Compass learning.

    Felipe Castellon reviewed Pine Knot Trail to Grand View Point

    12 months ago

    I did this hike Monday 6/26/17. According to the Endomondo app (an UnderArmor app) it is 4.24 from the trail head to the Grand View Point. Making it 8.48 miles. I also took my Garmin gpsmap64st which agrees with Endomondo. The elevation gain is approx. 1060. Very well marked trail. There is a group campground with a bathroom approx. 2 miles into the hike. Once at the top to the south west you can see what I believe to be San Gorgonio summit. It still had snow in June. The temp at the bottom of the mountain was 110 that day. Amazing. I took 3 liters of water and drank approx 2 liters. 2 hours 8 min going up and 1 hour 41 min going down with 30min break at the top. You need an adventure pass to park at the trail head.

    Felipe Castellon reviewed Suicide Rock Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Harder than I thought it would be. I went in 4/17. Plenty of water in the creeks. Nice view of the valley and Taquitz peak and Lilly rock. When you get to the rock platform go through the bushes to get to the ledge. Be careful. Awesome hike. I think a good practice for Strawberry Cienega and the peak.

    Felipe Castellon completed Suicide Rock Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Felipe Castellon reviewed Double Peak Trail

    over 1 year ago

    I made this hike longer by going to the left at the round 10k marker then going all the way to San Elijo Rd, turn right then go up the double peak rd. 4.7 miles plus the approx 2.5 going down to the trail head. I put a 3 star because of the houses and streets that you have to use. The view from the top is fantastic. Pretty much get a 360 view and can see pretty far. The view makes it worth the hike. I'm sure more stars for a trail runner.

    Felipe Castellon completed Double Peak Trail

    over 1 year ago