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    Ethan Gundlach reviewed Great Range Loop Trail

    over 1 year ago

    This was an amazing and difficult day hike. It took my brother, sister-in-law and I around 12.5 hours to complete. Walking the road by the golf course was not very interesting but it was a nice warm up at 7:45 AM. Hitting Lower Wolf Jaw, we took lunch, then it was off to Upper Wolf Jaw and Armstrong before another break. From Armstrong we hit Gothics and Pyramid, then we took the trail from the junction to the summit of Sawteeth. On our way down we stopped at Rainbow Falls to admire the cascading waterfall from both above, and below. By the time we got back to the road it was 8:10 and night was quickly approaching. Definitely a highly recommended day hike for those who are up for it. The best recommendation I could provide is bring plenty of food and water, and START EARLY!

    Ethan Gundlach completed Great Range Loop Trail

    over 1 year ago