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    Member Since April 2018

    Erwin van der Laan Pro-red@3x

    Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands 

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    Erwin van der Laan reviewed Beerschoten, Houdringe, and Panbos Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Not bad for a dutch trail. Being from the Netherlands, I find it too flat but mostly too organised here, in general. 5-10% of this trail contains straight pieces of trail of about 300m in length, so that it's no surprise what you will see. All in all, there are spots in the center of the trail where it's pretty quiet (you can only hear the birds) and where you don't hear the car traffic (you'll hear and see cars in the easternmost part). Follow the dark yellow/light green trail stripes on the signs, these are for this specific trail (indicated as 12 km length on the various points where you can commemce the trail ).