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    Eric Stanfield reviewed South Colony Lakes Trail

    15 days ago

    Couple muddy stretches near the lakes, otherwise looks like an early summer. Quite a few wildflowers out already. Tons of mosquitoes around the upper lake. When the wind is still, their collective buzzing is surprisingly loud as they blanket your tent.

    Road to the 4x4 lot is in really nasty shape. Coming back down it begs for four-low and crawl mode.

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Idaho Springs Reservoir Via Chicago Lakes Trail

    22 days ago

    Tripped over a dog. Had a dog jump on me when standing on the trail ledge. Basically this trail is typical near-Denver jagfest where every millennial’s dog is the exception to the leash rule. Not a bad hike but wouldn’t bother again unless a weekday.

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Lake Helene Trail

    4 months ago

    3/8-3/9 2018

    You need traction from Bear Lake to Lake Helene. Trail is hard packed and slick for most of the way to the Flattop junction. After that I'd recommend snowshoes simply because if you step outside the narrow line of hard pack you are in for a surprise posthole. Winds and snow night of 3/8 scoured off many long stretches of visible signs of the trail past the banana bowl.

    Grace Falls is absolutely massive this year. Did not venture down to Odessa. The gorge looked like a deathtrap.

    Eric Stanfield completed Lake Helene Trail

    4 months ago

    Eric Stanfield completed Saint Mary's Glacier

    4 months ago

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Rim Rock Trail to Creek Trail Loop

    4 months ago

    Good hike. Creek half is a mud fest 2/24/18

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Hidden Mesa Trail to Cherry Creek Trail

    5 months ago

    This is a trailhead to trailhead out and back run (ride, hike, trot, whatever) at Hidden Mesa Open Space. It's 6.66 miles with a healthy burst of elevation to climb back up the mesa. Short section of paved pathway (Cherry Creek Trail) to traverse near the Franktown-side trailhead. Given the mileage and how that burst of elevation feels on the return, I refer to it as Devil's Traverse (but apparently alltrails isn't on board with that...)

    Eric Stanfield reviewed South Rim Loop Trail

    7 months ago

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Schubarth 4x4 Road

    7 months ago

    Real fun. Took the loop part of the trail counterclockwise. Couple spicy spots just after you come over the 'top' of the loop and are heading back out. Otherwise pretty mellow but still fun. 2dr Rubicon, ran nearly all of it in 2wd no problem. Never went to 4lo.

    Eric Stanfield completed Schubarth 4x4 Road

    7 months ago

    Eric Stanfield completed Waterton Canyon Trail

    8 months ago

    Eric Stanfield added Fish/Owl Loop

    8 months ago

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Owl Creek Fish Creek Loop Trail

    8 months ago

    I did this as an overnight in mid-October. I'll leave a few tips here for anyone considering this trip:

    - the loop is longer than 15 miles. My GPS track shows 19 and I have seen others tracking around 21 miles. I don't know where the '15 miles' comes from, and this isn't the only site that claims that.

    - this can be extremely difficult hiking. Large sections of the canyons have no real 'trail' to speak of, and where there is (was?) a trail a lot of it can be overgrown or very easy to lose track of. Bring a map and pay attention.

    - you can go in via Owl or Fish. Fish requires descending down or climbing up a 15'ish foot crack/dihedral. I went down that way. Understand that if you can not climb it, you are faced with backtracking 19-21 miles to get out via Owl...

    - Obviously I then exited via Owl, and be warned the last few miles of the hike are pretty rough including some exposed sections and slab/friction climbing to get up and around obstacles in the creek

    - The rangers had received a report of someone seeing bear prints in Fish but they weren't sure if it was accurate. I saw three piles of bear scat within the first couple miles of the descent in to Fish so, again, just something to be aware of.

    - There are very few ruins to be seen on the loop itself. Supposedly there are more to be found if you hike down south of the confluence of Fish and Owl creeks. Very high effort, low reward trip if you are looking to see remnants of the ancients...

    - Very important: there is no direct phone to reach the Kane Gulch ranger station. The only person you can speak to is the ranger who sets up your permits ($8 per person per trip) which you then have to pick up in person at the ranger station itself (during high season anyway). The permit guy has no knowledge of conditions or water availability which means that you will have no knowledge of conditions or water availability until you are standing in the ranger station 5 miles from the trailhead. Plan accordingly, bring enough water to cover your trip, and hope you won't end up having to haul it in.

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Mounts Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross Trail

    9 months ago

    Nice views, fun hike. Snow and ice building up. Wore spikes descending from Democrat as large sections had turned in to slippery chutes. Fattest marmots I've ever seen all over the talus field. Skipped Bross, didn't know the 'no legal access' warning wasn't to be taken seriously...

    Short vid:

    Eric Stanfield added Erics List

    9 months ago

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Loch Lomond Trail

    10 months ago

    Pretty area but the nonstop gunfire really spoils things. And I mean non-stop, not a little bit here and there. Constant gunfire as soundtrack to four hours of hiking. I know it's fun to shoot, I enjoy it too, but damn it just reverberates through this entire valley. Also a lot of dirtbike/4x4 noise that's hard to escape.

    If you are looking for a place to offroad and shoot your guns, this is the place to be. If you're looking for a peaceful hike through the mountains - not so much, plenty of other places to go.

    Eric Stanfield completed Loch Lomond Trail

    10 months ago

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Spruce Creek Trail

    11 months ago

    Two minutes of views. People-zoo / bro-fest with walking examples of every 'dont be this hiker on the trail' behavior.

    Eric Stanfield completed Spruce Creek Trail

    11 months ago

    Eric Stanfield added Dustin Trip Ideas

    11 months ago

    Eric Stanfield reviewed Willow Creek / Salmon Lake Trail

    11 months ago


    A lot of drudgery and grind that pays off big time in the end.

    The first 2/3rd's of the hike are like watching a forest die before your eyes. Once past some pretty meadows, the forest becomes more and more full of dead trees. The middle 1/3rd of the hike is an obstacle course of deadfall and there's a stretch around the 5th mile where there are more dead trees on the ground than what are left standing near the trail. I'd actually think twice before hiking this in any sort of significant wind.

    After you leave the Gore Range Trail and hit the Willow Trail, it's about a mile of fairly steep ascent until the hike finally starts to deliver the views. You catch glimpses of gore range peaks through the trees, the forest becomes healthier, and things start to open up. Once in the area of the lakes it's eye-candy all around. I have never seen so many wildflowers before. I spent the night at upper Willow Lake, nestled at the foot of Red Peak and the Zodiac Ridge - incredibly drastic looking cliffs still dotted with patches of snow.

    Goat fur everywhere, marmots chirping on the talus fields, small trout rising in the lake, and the sound of the creek next to camp to keep me company - really worth the effort to get there.

    At time of writing there's ample water via various creeks along the way and the trail was mostly dry with just a few muddy spots. Mosquitoes are a force to be reckoned with around all ponds/lakes.

    Note that the directions link on this site gets you to what looks like a trailhead but it is not where you want to be. Continue down the road until the road ends altogether - that's the Rock creek th.