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    Eric Myers reviewed Mount Katahdin Trail

    2 months ago

    What a tremendous experience! Also, to agree with some of the other hikers who posted, NOT MODERATE. This is a difficult trail. That said, I saw plenty of 60+ year olds at the top, but they were in good shape and experienced hikers.

    Eric Myers completed Mount Katahdin Trail

    2 months ago

    Eric Myers reviewed Borestone Mountain Trail

    2 months ago

    Very nice trail with beautiful scenery. I hiked this trail the day after I climbed Katahdin and still was blown away by the view. I definitely recommend taking the Base Trail to the visitor center from the parking lot rather than the access road. It is a fun trail and probably even a little bit quicker.

    Eric Myers completed Borestone Mountain Trail

    3 months ago

    Eric Myers reviewed Tomlinson Run State Park

    over 1 year ago