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    Member Since December 2018

    Emmett Hume Pro-red@3x

    Somerset, New Jersey 

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    Emmett Hume reviewed Iztaccihuatl

    30 days ago

    very good trail, perhaps a bit harder than rated. Great views, suggest aclimitization for two days in CDMX (~ 7,000 feet) and one more at the trail base (13,000). Then for those fit, up and back in 12-14 hours, or if a bit older and/or not as fit, there is a good place to overnight (shelter) or camp at a place called El Refugio, which is at about 15,500 feet and about 4-5 hours from the summit. Really beautiful trail ! Will meet some wonderful people along the way.

    Of course crampons required to get across about 1/2 kilometer of glacier, just before summit.

    Emmett Hume completed Iztaccihuatl

    30 days ago

    Emmett Hume saved Waimea Canyon

    7 months ago

    Emmett Hume saved Awa'awapuhi Trail

    7 months ago

    Emmett Hume saved Honopu Ridge

    7 months ago

    Emmett Hume saved Makaleha Trail

    7 months ago