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    Member Since July 2018

    Emily Jo Shepherd

    Vacaville, California 

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    Emily Jo Shepherd reviewed High Meadows to Cold Creek Trail

    1 day ago

    More of a challenging hike for those who are more out of shape (like me!). The first half of the trail is straight up hill with no reprieve. Thankful that my husband was there to drag me up the mountain (literally). The second half of the hike was very scenic and easy.

    Emily Jo Shepherd added tahoe

    5 days ago

    Emily Jo Shepherd reviewed Nortonville and Black Diamond Loop

    19 days ago

    Good spring time hike. Not a lot of shade. Trail was fairly quiet without much traffic from other hikers. Featured a couple nice lookout points. Bathroom only at the beginning of the trail.

    Emily Jo Shepherd reviewed Lodi Lake Nature Trail

    11 months ago

    Short and sweet hike for those looking for a low key jaunt. Pretty atmosphere.

    Emily Jo Shepherd reviewed Brannan Island Loop Trail

    11 months ago

    Not a great hike. Just a bike path that went through campsites.