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    Member Since May 2016

    Ellen Reller Pro-red@3x

    San Francisco, California 

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    Ellen Reller reviewed Sweeney Ridge Trail via Sneath Lane

    21 days ago

    I like that you get the uphill part out of the way first thing by starting from Shell Dance. Also that you get both an urban and ocean view walking the ridge. Not a fan of the slippery scree a on the down parts. This is a great workout for trail running.

    Ellen Reller reviewed Glen Canyon Park Trail

    4 months ago

    No matter when I visit and no matter whether I plan to wander, trail run, do a hills workout or nature walk with out of town guests, this backyard of mine is always impressive. Now if only the dog walkers would take their bags of dog poop out of the park with them rather than leaving them on trail....

    Ellen Reller completed Glen Canyon Park Trail

    4 months ago

    Ellen Reller saved White River Blue Trail

    about 2 years ago