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    Member Since May 2019

    Ellen Messing Pro-red@3x

    Bergsjö, Gävleborg, Sweden 

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    Ellen Messing saved Hoog Buurlo Loop

    14 days ago

    Ellen Messing reviewed Fjällävdalsmyran and Tärnättvattnen Loop

    about 1 month ago

    This trail is as diverse as it gets: from the feel of ancient magical forests to mystical swamps to sandy beaches to climbing over rocks and being surprised by the stunning views on top of the mountains. It’s all there! You can pitch your tent in the designated areas if you want and wander around for days. Around the hotspots (slåttdalsskrevan and -berget) it can be a bit crowded, so make sure you arrive there before 9am or after 5pm.
    The trail is quite rocky and at some points steep and can be slippery if it rains. Just walking on the paths can take much of your concentration, so don’t forget to stop occasionally and take a look around.
    Dogs are allowed only on leash. If your dog is not used to climbing rocks it can be that you’ll have to carry it on some points of the trail. Same for children (except for the on leash part ;-) )
    You can take drinking water from the creeks that are in the park. Just make sure it comes from a smooth running creek and you’ll be fine.

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