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    Elizabeth Ulmer


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    Elizabeth Ulmer reviewed Deer Mountain Trail

    8 days ago

    spectacular views the entire hike. No scrambling, just gradual ascent and elevation gain. Only rated a 4 out of 5 because the trail is not marked except at the forks and I lost it once and wasted about 15 minutes. To avoid doing what I did- at the aspen grove the trial makes a V to start the switchbacks up the mountain. Even though the trial is worn straight ahead, don’t follow it, it will dead end pretty quickly. The elevation gain is noticeable but moderate until the final stretch. The last bit to summit will make you work for it but completely worth it! Started out at 2pm and took me just at 2 hours to summit and another hour to get back down. It was very windy the whole way and windy at the summit, but still enjoyable. Do this hike! You’ll be glad you did!

    Elizabeth Ulmer reviewed The Loch Lake Trail via Glacier Gorge Trail

    8 days ago

    If I could give this hike a 6, I would. Stunning views and arriving at the lake is simply breathtaking. This hike is listed as moderate but it easy-moderate, not moderate-hard. The trial is not really marked except at the forks but it’s easy to follow. Started at about 8 on a Tuesday and there were still a few spots in the parking lot. There were handfuls of people as I climbed but not crowded.....coming back down the trial was packed and so many people. Definitely go early!

    Elizabeth Ulmer reviewed Sky Pond via Glacier Gorge Trail

    8 days ago

    Gorgeous, gorgeous hike! If I could only do one thing in RMNP, I’d do this hike. Just two short scrambles, both of them completely doable for beginners under normal conditions. Unfortunately had to stop at the falls and couldn’t summit to Sky Pond because the last scramble was completely iced over and I didn’t have spikes. Still a great hike even without making it to sky pond, although I will be back to summit.