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    Elizabeth Tuttle

    Ellsworth, Maine 

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    Elizabeth Tuttle reviewed McFarland Mountain and Youngs Mountain Trail

    21 days ago

    I wouldn’t recommend this trail without gps. It is very easy to go the wrong direction. At the beginning the “trail” looks more like a deer path. There are very few trail markers, and this is obviously not a well-trafficked area. The fallen leaves can be a bit treacherous, but if you slip and fall, you’re not likely to go far. At the summits of McFarland and Young’s there are only rock piles to mark the spot. Spots going up McFarland give you a nice perspective of Eagle lake and other mountains of Acadia, and Young’s does offer a nice view of Bar Harbor and points west.

    Elizabeth Tuttle reviewed Bernard Mountain Loop Trail

    10 months ago

    I live on MDI and have made it my goal to hike every mountain; so far, this has been my favorite as it is challenging but not too strenuous. Since it’s an out of the way spot, there aren’t many other hikers. The views are amazing! If you hike at the right time you will also get a chance to snack on an abundance of blueberries. I love the fact that they have even made a spot at the Bernard mountain overlook to leave messages. I will definitely hike this again soon!

    Elizabeth Tuttle saved Gulf Hagas Trail

    12 months ago