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    Member Since February 2019

    Eliot Lees

    Boston, Massachusetts 

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    Eliot Lees completed Millennium Park Trail

    15 days ago

    Eliot Lees reviewed Crouching Lion Trail [CLOSED]

    24 days ago

    Nice break from seeing the windward coast. Beautiful views of the coastline from the top. Active hike but not too difficult. Easy to follow trail. However, rather muddy and harder coming down than going up.

    Eliot Lees reviewed Jogasaki Coast Trail

    3 months ago

    A beautiful picturesque trail along the eastern Izu coastline. Several spectacular ocean views and the pounding being surf was impressive. Interesting things to see - like a light house and suspension bridge. Very well marked in both Japanese and English. Hiked on a sunny day in late January. Had the trail all to myself. Hardly passed another soul along the way.

    Love my time there.

    Eliot Lees completed Jogasaki Coast Trail

    3 months ago