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    Member Since August 2018

    Eileen Leonard

    Washington, Pennsylvania 

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    Eileen Leonard reviewed Wire Mesa

    2 days ago

    We decided to do this trail on the last day of our trip since it looked relatively mild and it was near where we were staying in Apple Valley. Although this is designed as a mountain bike trail primarily, it was still a nice hike. The trail was very well maintained and there were many viewpoints along the trail to look over the valley and into the beautiful canyons. I only rated it 4 stars since from a hiking perspective the trail does pointless meandering. I think this would be a 5 star mountain bike trail. But as a hiker, we like having more of a goal. Still a nice hike regardless.

    Eileen Leonard completed Wire Mesa

    2 days ago

    Eileen Leonard reviewed Yant Flats Trails

    3 days ago

    Flat sandy trail through the trees for the most part. No real shade and deep sand in parts, but the trail was easy to follow until the end. If you just walk straight when you get to the end of the sandy trail, you go out onto a rock finger that juts out into the canyon. However, the better views are two fingers over to the left. Work your way over there and you will find exceptional views that just go on and on. As the description says, The trail is directly opposite FR903. Easy to find.

    Eileen Leonard completed Yant Flats Trails

    3 days ago

    Eileen Leonard reviewed Spectra Point and Rampart Overlook Trails [CLOSED]

    5 days ago

    The trail opened up the morning that we did this. There was still a small amount of snow, but the trail was open and was a great hike. Views were pretty much non-stop and the bird watching was good as well. Although the trail had just opened that morning, there were quite a few folks on the trail with us. Unfortunately the wild flowers were not yet in bloom due to the late winter weather this year.

    Eileen Leonard reviewed Yellow Rock

    5 days ago

    This was quite the trail. You start out along the wash and then take the steep climb up the rocks (non-technical). You can follow the trail pretty easy for a while from that point. By the time you start to lose the trail you can see your destination clearly ahead. Of course our timing was bad and we ended up climbing to the top of yellow rock in mid-July at 1pm in 100+ degrees. Not the best idea, but we made it. The view from the top was incredible. Although hot (and I mean egg frying hot), there was a nice breeze up there; so we sat for a while, ate lunch and took pictures. Route finding was easier on the way back.

    Eileen Leonard completed Yellow Rock

    5 days ago

    Eileen Leonard reviewed Northgate Peaks via Kolob Terrace

    6 days ago

    Hiked up the west peak today with my husband and two grown boys. The trail all the way out to the peaks is a nice easy trail through the pines. Saw a lot of birds, lizards and even a small toad. Of course climbing the peak was strenuous, but worth the effort. We took the suggested route on this map and although very steep, was achievable. The views are incredible up there.

    Eileen Leonard added gsenm

    7 days ago

    Eileen Leonard added GSENM

    7 days ago

    Eileen Leonard completed Alpine Pond Trail

    9 days ago

    Eileen Leonard completed Golden Wall Trail

    11 days ago

    Eileen Leonard added Panguitch

    12 days ago