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    Ed Doherty reviewed Ramona Falls Trail

    3 months ago

    Why not spend the night?
    We went up in late September and no one was around by the time the sun when down. There are some awesome camp site along the Exposed Ridge area, about 1/2 mile away from the Falls, right next to Ramona Creek.
    This is an easy hike, nice areas to camp, and only 75 mins from Portland. Great for a quick,late summer get away.

    Ed Doherty completed Ramona Falls Trail

    3 months ago

    Ed Doherty reviewed Cast Creek Trail to Cast Lake

    3 months ago

    This is a well maintained trail, but a hard uphill climb. My two cents:
    1. to find the trailhead, go to the right after the Riley Horse Camp. The trailhead parking is wash out, so when you hit the end of the road, the trail is about 200 yards, off to your left. You will see a small trail leading over to the actual trail head from the end of the road.
    2. Parking,- do not park at the end to the road (very tight space) If you go about 100 yds back, there is an open meadow area that works great for parking Last resort, go back to the Horse camp and hike-in the extra mile.
    3. Horse Camp = lots of horse poop on trail. Just be careful where you step.
    4. You will cross a creek about 1 mile into the trail. That is your last water until you get to Cast Lake.
    5. At the top of this mountain, there is a awesome view of four mountains (Hood, Adams, St. Helens, and Rainier) I almost missed this view because I was exhausted from the climb up the trail. Just walk a few steps to the north, when you get to the top.
    6. Cast Lake is awesome. Eight camp sites along the North and West side. Some are 50 yards up along the lake rig. Worth the hike.
    7. You will find mosquitos, but when I sat right next to the lake, there were no mosquitos. I have no idea why, but it was nice to sit in the morning and have bug-free coffee.

    Ed Doherty reviewed Marshall Park Trail

    7 months ago

    Nice city hike. Little muddy in November, so warn old hiking shoes.

    Ed Doherty completed Marshall Park Trail

    7 months ago

    Ed Doherty completed Deschutes River Trail

    11 months ago

    Ed Doherty reviewed Palmateer Point and Twin Lakes Trail Loop

    12 months ago

    Just got back from this overnight trip. At this time, snow is gone and bugs were only a 2 out of 5. Not bad at all. Lower Lake is deeper, so later in the year you could still drink the water, but Upper is only a few feet deep and already was starting to get warm There are at least eight nice camp sites around Upper Lake and even with a full scout troupe at one end, after 9pm all we heard was a single frog. Now, going from Upper to Palmateeer View was a bit tricky. The trail is washed down a little, so it's a slow-go if it has been raining. Also, the map shows a small trail going between Twin Lakes Trail and Palmateer. We could not find any trace of this trail and we walked it twice. Did not get all the way to the View Point. It seem farther then the map indicated, and we had to cross a stream that did not appear on the map, so we were confused. Not 100% but I think we were to cross the stream and proceed another 1/2 mile to the View Point. Oh well, next trip. Overall, the Upper Lake area is awesome, per - The Three D's Team: Daddy, Daughter and a Dog.

    Ed Doherty completed Timothy Lake Loop

    about 1 year ago

    Ed Doherty reviewed Salmon River Trail

    about 3 years ago

    Great hike for dogs. Easy trail to walk, with several small streams to cross for water. If you are looking for an overnight, you can continue up to the Kinzel Trail, and then up the hill to Kinzel Lake. Add a little adventure by stopping over at Devil's Lookout Tower (about a mile away).
    You start the hike by going through an Old Growth area. Then head to a wonderful bluff overlook area with a meadow filled with flower and butterfly's at the 4.5 mile mark. Yes the trial is not well marked. Just keep walking along the river, you will mostly be just fine.