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    Member Since May 2019

    Dwight Alfaro

    Fremont, California 

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    Dwight Alfaro reviewed East Shore, Indian Cove, McGregor and Ten Hills Trail Loop

    7 days ago

    Good quick loop that has a bit of climb. Go counter clockwise so the harder climb is in the shade.

    Lots of forks so the map helped out. Last half is around the paved trail around the lake so it’s easy and well trafficked. Can finish in 1 - 1.5 hrs.

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Mission Peak from Ohlone College

    16 days ago

    Got up in 1 hour 20 minutes, no big breaks just 3-4 1 minute water breaks.

    1st 30 min, constant gradual climb, no flats. After 30 min, a flat relief into a forest so nice and shady. Maybe 15 min relief and it starts gradually climbing again.

    The last 20 minute stretch is the steepest, gotta billygoat over rocks at a steep incline. Most form natural steps from all the traffic.

    Feeling of accomplishment is greater than the views. I prefer the east view where you can see mt diablo. View of the cities and the hoard of people taking turns on the pole, meh you can have it.

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Sweeny Ridge Trail: Sneath Lane to Fitfield Ridge Road

    17 days ago

    All paved fire road but closed to car traffic so awesome hike/jog trail. Steady long climb but not taxing at all. Great vibrant plant life that isn’t all dried out do the common fog out this way. Lots of little bunnies too.

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Lands End Trail

    17 days ago

    My favorite trail in sf. Awesome views (weather permitting), and undulating terrain. Nice stair action. Go down to mile rock beach and utilize all the stairs here. Even in the fog the place is beautiful.

    Instead of the loop just stay on the trail right on the coast and do a back and forth. Better views and better work out. Better on the weekdays than the weekends as crowds go.

    Dwight Alfaro completed Lands End Trail

    17 days ago

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Howland Hill Road

    21 days ago

    Hiked this from Elk Valley Rd to the Boy Scout Trail, maybe 9 miles back and forth. Starts off with a good climb for about 20-25 minutes then mellows. Completely shaded by some serious old growth redwoods, very impressive.

    But more people drive up it than hike it so it is more of a car road than trail. Only when you get to the Boy Scout Trail is when it is only a foot path. Definitely go into that.

    Dwight Alfaro completed Howland Hill Road

    21 days ago

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Simpson-Reed Trail

    about 1 month ago

    - short and flat.
    - can get busy, weekends are Disneyland-ish
    + can’t get lost, due to developed trails. Good for non adventurous types.
    +still beautiful massive redwoods.
    +lots of fallen trees so you get different perspectives on the magnitude of theses trees.

    Dwight Alfaro completed Simpson-Reed Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Jedediah Smith Campground

    about 1 month ago

    Pretty and easy hike. Great way to explore the terrain of the campgrounds so you make sense of the geography.

    Also used it as a good morning stretch, jog-able too.

    Dwight Alfaro completed Jedediah Smith Campground

    about 1 month ago

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Angora Lakes

    about 1 month ago

    Great hike but the trail is the road into Angora Lakes, so you have to stay on the side of the road as cars pass.

    The almost 1000 ft climb is super gradual and spread out on the 3 mile stretch. About half way up you’ll start to see Fallen Leaf Lake off to the right. But it’ll be over an hour before you run into the two small lakes at Angora.

    Beautiful lakes but too much development with cabins and touristy activities. It’s remote but popular.

    Dwight Alfaro completed Angora Lakes

    about 1 month ago

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Lake Chabot: West Shore, Bass Cove, Columbine, Honker Bay, East Shore Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Loop around the lake is long 8+ miles. And it’s got some elevation so it isn’t a stroll in the park. Really good workout.

    Half of the Trail is paved and wide. The other half is through a forested canyon and the trails narrow to a barely 2 person width on dirt.

    Lots of forks/off shoots so I really had to use this app to keep from going off course. It saved me at least 3 different times.

    Jogged some of the flats and hiked any elevation. Got done in 3.25 hours.

    Nice nature viewing but very heavily trafficked Trail.

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Dry Creek Trail Loop

    about 1 month ago

    High Ridge Trail part is hilly and open to the sun. Dry Creek Trail part is in a forested canyon, so narrow trail mostly in the shade. Nice combo.

    But there are a lot of forks/off shoots and not enough signs so you can go through a run around, even with this app. Had issues finding where Dry Creek Trail hooks up to Meyers Ranch Trail coming out of the forest.

    Scraped my ankle on a rogue barbed wire that was hiding in some brush. Precarious outing for what was supposed to be a ‘walk in the park’.

    Dwight Alfaro completed Dry Creek Trail Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Pioneer Trail

    2 months ago

    Great ride, nice ups and downs without a strenuous climb. Though you can veer onto a hill and come back if you really want to get a grind in.

    But a good 70% of this trail is under a forested canyon so it much more shaded than the majority of this park. Went in the middle of summer so there was zero mud. But I can see that being an issue Nov-April, because the sun does not penetrate this trail.

    The post/signage are in bad shape so it’s easy to miss a turn. This app helps a lot in this park. But great quick workout that should take less than 2 hours. Will incorporate this into my local rotation.

    Dwight Alfaro completed Pioneer Trail

    2 months ago

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Valencia Peak Trail

    5 months ago

    The first third is through a narrow dirt trail through heavy brush. Gradual grade makes for a great warm up.

    2nd third it starts to climb and trail gets gravely. Views of the ocean start to appear. Still not that difficult yet.

    The last leg is where it gets difficult. It is steeper and very rocky, which makes for challenging footing.

    360 view up top, breezy and 0 shade. Full phone signal though.

    Dwight Alfaro completed Valencia Peak Trail

    5 months ago

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Deer Gulch Trail via Cliff Trail

    5 months ago

    I park in the neighborhood between Morrison Canyon and Pickering. It’s a breeze weekdays, don’t know about weekends.

    There’s a 5-10 min warm up with the Trail paralleling the homes. Gradual incline.

    Then it starts to climb, 30 minutes minimum non stop. 50% of this section is at a decent grade. Very little shade makes it difficult. Only 1 small area for a shade break.

    Once you get towards the top, the views open up and more of a breeze to be had. The trail goes back to subtle undulations, which makes for a good cool down.

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Canyon, Goat Hill Trail Loop

    5 months ago

    Did a portion of the trail which looped from the campgrounds and finished going up on 6 bridges trail back to the campsite close to 3 miles.

    Constant elevation changes which makes it a fun ride without making me catch up for air. 90% is in shade so pretty cool in the spring.

    Dwight Alfaro reviewed Ehukai Pillboxes

    5 months ago

    Quick, steep ascent where you have to utilize the steps or roots of trees to establish footing. Maybe 12-20 mins up depending on your skill or familiarity. Most is under the canopy of the forest.

    Trail up on top is flat and underneath tropical pines so cool and shaded. I saw a few locals jogging up there.

    Both pill boxes are on the face of the hill that faces the ocean. 1 you run into by default and the other requires some searching. There’s usually plenty of people up there looking so it’s an easy collaboration. But there are some decent instructions already here if nobody is there.

    Dwight Alfaro completed Ehukai Pillboxes

    5 months ago