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    Douglas Harwood reviewed Westside Overland Trail

    over 6 years ago

    A very well maintained, clearly marked trail. Great for day hikes and beginning backpackers. The trail shares several sections with a snowmobile trail so the path is often quite wide and level. My wife and I have hiked various parts of it several times with our aging dogs and we'll surely be back.
    I took my 9 & 7 year old nephews out for their first taste of backpacking and the trail was perfect for them. We stayed at the northern campsite and found it well maintained and mostly clean.
    Recently the trail has adopted a carry in/carry out policy (which is what everyone should do anyway) and eliminated the always-overflowing garbage cans at the campsite. So, unfortunately, there was some evidence of recent partying at the campsite. Beer cans, broken glass, cigarette butts and so forth but not enough to make the stay unpleasant. We cleaned up and carried out as much as was feasible for us. Some people are just pigs, y'know?
    Anyway, it's a great little all-season moderately challenging trail that I would feel comfortable hiking with my 70 year old mother or my 7 year old nephew. There are lots of access points to various sections of the trail so a hike of any length is easy to plan. I hope our next visit we'll be able to take a weekend and hike the whole 24 miles.