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    Dominica Hagelberg reviewed Davis Ponds Trail

    24 days ago

    Great little hike if you don't want to get too deep, especially with young kids. This is a young state park and they are adding new trails so it never gets old.

    Dominica Hagelberg completed Davis Ponds Trail

    24 days ago

    Dominica Hagelberg reviewed Waterton Canyon Trail

    24 days ago

    We frequent this trail as it is easy for kids. Gets busy but still plenty of chances to see mule deer. Keep walking and it gets more beautiful.

    Dominica Hagelberg reviewed Monarch Lake Loop Trail

    24 days ago

    Beautiful if a bit crowded on a weekend day. Gorgeous lake view all the way around.

    Dominica Hagelberg reviewed Outlook Ridge and Lost Pond Loop Trail

    24 days ago

    We only took the Lost Pond trail in early July It was short but a bit steep. Not great for young kids (5 and under). The pond was full of wildlife though- snakes, salamanders, and water bugs- fun for the kiddos.