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    Diedra Rater completed Wildcat Canyon Loop

    3 months ago

    Diedra Rater completed Russian Ridge Trail

    4 months ago

    Diedra Rater reviewed Tony Look Trail to Coyote Ridge to Lookout Trail Loop

    5 months ago

    As someone who hasn't been hiking much in a while, I found this hike challenging but do-able. I highly recommend going to the right (East) first to get the really steep part out of the way first (I imagine it's also really hard on the knees to go down that slope). It's tough but less than a mile.

    The GPS sent me to a trailhead on the side of the road with no parking lot, but there was space for maybe 4 cars to park there. There may be a better place nearby to park further south but I didn't look because there was space at the trailhead.

    It's about 50% shaded, and the trees are really beautiful.

    I went on a nice Saturday afternoon, and although I did see a few other hikers, it was nowhere near as busy as some of the more obvious trails that are this close to residential areas.

    Diedra Rater added Hong Kong

    5 months ago

    Diedra Rater added Yosemite

    6 months ago

    Diedra Rater reviewed Russian Ridge Trail

    6 months ago

    I found this trail challenging but not too hard; good if you're kinda out of shape but want to push yourself. The hills and valleys are split up so it's not just one grueling uphill climb. The views and wildflowers are really beautiful in the summer.

    Parking is limited, yet there were several open spots when I arrived and left. Trail is easy to follow, but make sure you're heading for the right parking lot at the end (there are signs for two different ones). There is almost no shade so be sure to bring sunscreen and lots of water!

    Diedra Rater added Sonoma hikes

    6 months ago

    Diedra Rater reviewed Hayfield Trail to Toyon and Bay View Loop

    8 months ago

    Nice quick hike! We met a lot of families, dog walkers, some bikes, and even a couple of horses.

    - lots of wildflowers
    - not too long and not too hard to get to
    - pretty nice views
    - really small parking lot
    - very little shade
    - horse leavings

    Diedra Rater added Quick outings

    8 months ago

    Diedra Rater completed Stevens Canyon Trail

    8 months ago