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    Diana Martin reviewed Pulliam Creek Trail

    12 months ago

    easy to moderate trail. Beautiful ESP once you take the side trail to the right which is the narrows. Went this past weekend and the beginning of trail was pretty overgrown but after the first 10 min the trail opened up more and summer overgrowth wasn't an issue. I've been on this trail tons of times and it's usually well maintained. Peek trail time imo is during the fall winter and spring season where you can see the narrows from the main trail and other small waterfalls. Loads of different plant life and flowers to see along the trail but lots of poison ivy mixed in though so be cautious of that. Others said its been overrun with teens but all the years I've hiked this there's never more then a few people and there wasn't a single person there yesterday except a few guys in their kayaks. It's pretty darn private down in the narrows because not a lot will venture down that long slope. very peaceful!! ❤️

    Diana Martin completed Pulliam Creek Trail

    12 months ago

    Diana Martin saved Pulliam Creek Trail

    12 months ago

    Diana Martin saved Green River Narrows

    12 months ago