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    Dennis Smith reviewed Liberty Lake Loop Trail

    4 months ago

    You folks have some nice hiking trails out here. Rocks of Sharon loop a few days ago was awesome. The Liberty Lake Loop trail longer but a bit easier. The falls are a nice touch and ran across some nice folks along the trail. Hats off from a San Diego hiker.

    Dennis Smith completed Liberty Lake Loop Trail

    4 months ago

    Dennis Smith reviewed Rocks of Sharon Trail

    4 months ago

    I'm a hiker from SoCal (San Diego). Lots of good hiking there but the Rocks of Sharon 6.8 miler starting at Stevens Creek is a winner. Good for cardio, well groomed trails, and views. REI volunteers out there repairing the trail along Iler Creek today. Good to see you folks work at letting us hikers have good places to hike. Stay classy, Spokane!

    Dennis Smith completed Rocks of Sharon Trail

    4 months ago