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    Deborah Ashton reviewed Methuselah National Recreation Loop Trail

    5 months ago

    I hiked this trail in July. Started at got very hot. I think the earlier the better. It's just amazing, like another world. Unfortunately, didn't pick up the interpretive map that explains the numbered points of interest. Get one in the visitor center...the day before an early hike, as they open at 10 I found it challenging d/t the altitude, but worth every pant.

    Deborah Ashton reviewed Calavera Lake and Cerro de la Calavera Loop

    6 months ago

    This is the second time I've hiked this area and I find the signage lacking, especially when you get away from the lake. So many criss-crossing trails, can be confusing. I made the mistake of going high instead of low on the east side and found myself on a harrowing climb to the peak. I couldn't turn around and go down unless I scooted down on my heinie.
    Suggest hiking to the peak from the west side, unless you're up for a challenging, dangerous at times, trail.

    Deborah Ashton reviewed Calavera Lake Loop

    7 months ago

    So many trails intersecting and poor signage (IMHO). Also, many full doggie-doo bags on the sides of the trails. C'mon folks....are they biodegradable? Even if, they are gross and a health hazard.

    Deborah Ashton completed Calavera Lake Loop

    7 months ago

    Deborah Ashton reviewed Switchbacks, Mule Deer and Horned Lizard Trail Loop

    7 months ago

    This is my 'go to' hike as it is close to my home. I find it challenging due to the incline and the rocky trail...tests my balance. Lovely view and a place to sit and enjoy it at the top. I saw evidence of pigs (of the human persuasion) on the switchback trail today. Candy wrappers and cigarette butts! (That brush is like kindling!) They were just dropped on the trail, like Hansel & Gretel's breadcrumbs. I know anyone reading this would never be so thoughtless. Please, if you see people littering the trails, let them know that these pieces of trash pose a hazard to the wildlife. Perhaps they think there is someone who sweeps the trail behind them? I get incensed when people disrespect our earth. Thank you for your help to keep our city and wildlife safe.