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    Koko V reviewed Wildcat Canyon Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    Koko V completed Wildcat Canyon Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    Koko V reviewed Miwok Trail

    9 months ago

    I've done this twice already and wanted to wait for the second one to leave a review. First one was one of the hottest days during the year. We did Coyote to Coastal to Tenn Valley and totaled 8 miles. The second half along the Coastal is exposed to the sun the entire time, steep, but absolutely breathtaking. Very well marked trails and never feels crowded. We repeated the same on a cooler day and it was much better. There are lookout stops to enjoy the view above the water. Recommend sunblock, patience, and lots of water.

    Koko V completed Miwok Trail

    9 months ago