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    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Mt Aeneas Summit Trail

    3 months ago

    My daughter and I hiked to the summit on August 21 as we were visiting from upstate NY. A great hike on a trail that gradually elevated. My daughter had no problem with this trail but I found myself breathing heavily and stopping every now and then, which was ok with me. The narrow upper portion of the trail appeared scary at first but I took my time and actually scampered across it on the return. We did not do the loop and returned the way we came. Views were a little smoky from all of the fire activity in the area and wind change but it was still really beautiful. I highly recommend you checking it out if you are in the area. People on the trail were very friendly.

    Deborah Balcanoff added want to hike

    5 months ago

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Bald Peak

    6 months ago

    Hiked this with a group of friends and my Pitbull Jake. The black flies were out but we didn’t let them stop us. It was also very humid which made it challenging for me as I struggle in heat and humidity. Despite this I loved this hike! The wild Orchids and Violets on the trail to Blueberry Cobbles were beautiful and distracted from the 1437 vertical ascent. The views from Mason and the ridges leading to Bald are gorgeous. I found the trail easy to follow. With all of the ups and downs you will complete a vertical ascent close to 2600 ft. There are a few High Peaks that have less than a 2600 vertical ascent. My dog loved the hike too. Was glad I carried extra water for him and me. Enjoy!

    Deborah Balcanoff completed Bald Peak

    6 months ago

    Deborah Balcanoff saved Bald Peak

    6 months ago

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Big Crow and Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge Loop Trail

    6 months ago

    The views are beautiful from the Ridge. I hiked this out of shape so it seemed long with lots of ups and downs. I brought my athletic dog and there was one spot he needed help with. Other than that he had no problem with the terrain. I was surprised to see bits of ice still on the trail. Mud season is definitely upon us in the Adirondacks. The trail is not well marked and sections resemble a narrow herd path. Still a beautiful hike!

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Wolf Trap Loop Trail

    7 months ago

    I was visiting my family and decided to take my 4 year old granddaughter for a hike. After researching several possibilities I decided on Wolf Trap. We had a blast! We saw deer, turtles and a variety of birds enjoying a sunny day. It is a perfect trail for kids or if you are looking for an easy hike just to enjoy nature. More of a nature walk for me. My granddaughter enjoyed the brook and the various bridges crossing it. We also stopped in a garden area and enjoyed a snack.

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Blue Mountain Trail to Blue Mountain Lake Fire Tower

    7 months ago

    I chose a beautiful day but the trail conditions were not great. Lots of melting snow runoff on lower trail and slushy icy melting on upper ascent made it a challenge. It is pretty and has some nice views on the summit and from the Firetower . A great workout for my dog and I! I met 3 trail workers and they told me about another shorter hike with great views from a ledge. Will check it out.

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Vanderwhacker Mountain

    12 months ago

    Hiked this on a cold day. Trail was a mix of ice, mud and lots of water due to recent rains. I really liked this hike. The only spot to careful is on the upper portion when the trail runs into the creek. When it is icy it came be a bit treacherous. Views from the fire tower are pretty. I have read reviews on other sites and they describe this hike for experienced hikers only. I would say it is a moderate hike.

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Sleeping Beauty Mountain and Lake George Trail

    12 months ago

    My dog Jake and I did a very quick hike up and down because we started out late. Trail is getting icy towards the top. As always the views are beautiful. I hike this once or twice a year.

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Pitchoff Mountain and Balancing Rocks Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Hiked this with my dog in September.. Beautiful views up top. Personally I thought it was challenging for my dog and I helped him down 1 or 2 steep areas rather than risking him getting hurt by taking a big jump. The first part of the hike is easy which gets you warmed up for the upcoming rock scrambles. We saw a family with young kids on the trail and the kids had the butt slide perfected. All in all a great hike with rewarding views.

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Hurricane Mountain Trail Northern Approach

    over 1 year ago

    Great hike on July 2,2017. This is the second time I have climbed this mountain. Trail was very muddy due to all of the recent rains which made it a bit slippery going back down the mountain. A great work out for me at the age of 67!

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed West Kill Mountain to Buck Ridge Lookout

    over 1 year ago

    I hiked Westkill via the Diamond Notch. Challenging for me but my daughter looked like it was stroll in the woods. The falls and Westkill Creek were pretty. It was slippery due to recent rains. Beautiful views from the lookout.

    Deborah Balcanoff reviewed Spruce Mountain Firetower

    over 1 year ago

    My dog and I hiked it and it was nice. It is mud season and as you approach the top it does become more muddy. It will be dry in a few weeks. Views from the Fire Tower are nice. Surprisingly there were others there during the week and I met the owner of the property that is adjacent to the trail. A great day!