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    Member Since March 2019

    Debbie Chung

    Perth, Western Australia, Australia 

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    Debbie Chung reviewed The Quiraing Circuit

    6 days ago

    Walked this hike in light rainy conditions. It was quite windy at times. Definitely on the muddy side and especially in the meadows. Whilst the hike had breathtaking scenery it was not well signposted and there were times at the top of the ridge where we floundered. It was just as confusing to find where the hike actually started as the signpost to the Quiraing walk was missing from the main road. The walk itself was definitely worth doing for the views alone.

    Debbie Chung completed The Quiraing Circuit

    6 days ago

    Debbie Chung completed Cape to Cape Walk

    6 months ago