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    Daz Teggelove

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

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    Daz Teggelove reviewed Eye of the Gods (Path of the Gods Alternate Route)

    13 days ago

    I walked this track at the start of July 2019, and the most part it was an awesome hike! The Path of the Gods section is a fairly easy walk, but it gets a fair bit harder after you get to Nocelle. Absolutely worth it though, as the views you get making your way across the side of the mountains are really special.

    Just a word of warning however, about half the track between Nocelle and Santa Maria del Castello was incredibly overgrown when I did it, which made it tough in some sections as you were unable to see the path. But if you have a decent sense of direction and no issues with a few scratches from thorns and branches, don’t let that stop you. All in all, definitely recommend.