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    dawned 13 reviewed Cadillac Mountain North Ridge and Gorge Path Loop

    10 days ago

    Why did we wait so long to do this hike? It was wonderful, both challenging and rewarding. We hiked up the North Ridge and down Gorge Path, and I think this was a good choice for us. The round trip, with breaks on the trail and lunch at the summit, took 3.75 hours. Much of the ascent offered fantastic views and was open, with some, but limited shade. Gorge Path was pretty much all boulders and granite steps and very shady. We had our dog with us and she did great!
    We parked in the small lot just past the North Ridge trail head, and it ended up being perfect, as that lot is where the trail ends

    dawned 13 reviewed Pemetic North and South Ridge Trails

    12 days ago

    Fantastic hike! Certainly strenuous. A good mix of terrain. Took south ridge trail up and back bc we missed the parking lot and ended up at Jordon Pond House lot and from there we walked to south ridge trail head. We had our dog and she did great! great views at the top! It was an overcast day, but I'd imagine it would be hot at the top.

    We are not experts, and had some new hikers in the group and the ascent took about 1:45 which included breaks; descent was about 45 minutes.

    I can't believe we hadn't yet done the hike in all the years we've been coming to Acadia!